50 DIY Halloween Decorations

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Halloween is by far one of our favorite holidays. We love to dress up (ourselves and our house!) and throw a spooky yet fun Halloween Party. What is a Halloween party without Halloween Decorations? Just another party, that’s what!

So, to help us, and you, get ready for the best Halloween ever, I’ve scoured the web to find these 50 DIY Halloween Decorations. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did finding them!

DIY Halloween Decorations


Witchy Projects – DIY Halloween Decorations:

  1. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (Wicked Witch of the East Legs)
  2. Witch Hat
  3. Double, Double Toil & Trouble (Cauldron with realistic fire)
  4. Bubbling Cauldron {Kid Friendly Craft}
Lantern Projects – DIY Halloween Decorations:
Pumpkin Projects – DIY Halloween Decorations:
  1. Creepy Crawly Pumpkin Posies
  2. DIY Glitter Pumpkins
  3. Fanged Pumpkins
  4. Paper Strip Pumpkin
  5. Jack o’ Lantern Trio {Kid Friendly Craft}
  6. Fishbowl Pumpkin

Ghostly Projects – DIY Halloween Decorations:

Batty & Birds Projects – DIY Halloween Decorations:
Wreath Projects – DIY Halloween Decorations:
Spidery Crafts – DIY Halloween Decorations:
  1. DIY Spiderwebs
  2. Big Hairy Tarantula

Around the House Halloween Crafts – DIY Halloween Decorations:

  1. DIY Halloween Tablecloth
  2. Ghoulish Centerpiece
  3. Halloween Photo Frames
  4. Halloween Spook Banners
  5. Shrunken Heads
  6. Halloween Haunted Signs
  7. Halloween Bell Jar
  8. Recycled Paper Bag Halloween Bowls
  9. Halloween Crates
  10. DIY Crystal Ball
  11. Spooky Halloween Goblets
  12. Mummified Fairy
  13. Halloween Decoration Blocks
  14. Cute Halloween Mummies
  15. Spooky Halloween Coffin
  16. Creepy Eyes in the Bushes
  17. Spooky Halloween Terrariums
  18. Halloween Pillows
  19. DIY Candlesticks
  20. DIY Halloween Arrangement
  21. Bat Lampshade

Have you found a great DIY Halloween Decorations tutorial?


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