Does Your Child Need a Tutor?

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As schools are beginning to open back up anxiety is peaking in children and parents everywhere. Fears of being behind classmates and wasted summer days are starting to come to a head. Many people and college bound students don’t realize they can start getting tutors now, before the school year kicks off. All too often tutors aren’t sought until grades have already started to plummet. Biology tutoring and tutoring in geometry are just a couple of areas kids may need help. Choosing a tutor before school gets started can help students catch up and get a head start on the years curriculum.

Does your child need a tutor?


Your child might need a tutor if the previous academic year ended with faltering grades. Also, if your child happened to miss school due to illness or travel. This is the case with my son – he was out several days due to doctor appointments and illness. To help him catch up and to ensure he’s ready for the next school year we hired a tutor as soon as school ended.

If your child is in the TAG program they may also need a tutor. Talented and Gifted children are often expected to be ahead of the curve in terms of academics. A tutor can help them get ahead of the game and maintain their position in the program. Summer break can cause many children to lose interest in the world of academics and having someone to help keep them on track is vital

It’s never too early for tutoring

Education is more important than ever and ensuring your child is getting the most out of theirs is key. It’s never too early for tutoring so if you feel your child could benefit jump on it. Don’t wait until grades are already falling because by then it could be too late!

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