5 Tips to Keep Your Children’s Bedroom Clean

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Our Children’s Bedroom can often resemble a war zone, a circus of toys, clothes and knick-knacks that can be an eye sore and a hazard. One minute it can be a pristine clean and cute little room, a few minutes later it is a pit of fire from hell! So how do we get our young ones to keep their rooms clean and tidy all the time? Here are a few quick tips that will help you fight the war of tidiness…

Children's Bedroom messy room

1. Routine, Routine, Routine

One of the most effective ways to maintain your child’s room is to keep a steady routine. Set times throughout the day when tidying needs to be done, when the beds need to be made and when the washing needs to be taken to the laundry. Make sure your child makes their bed with you every morning before they go to school or when they wake and ensure that at a set time everyday you and your child do a quick tidy of the room. If you get your child into a routine, then they will find it much easier to stick at it and life will become a lot simpler.

2. Avoid Children’s Bedroom Clutter

Everything in your child’s room needs to have a place, somewhere that your child knows that item belongs. Make sure you have adequate storage space for toys, clothes and other important knick-knacks. This will ensure that items are not left on top of cupboards, laying on the floor or sitting on their bed.

3. Double use furniture

Using furniture that serves dual purposes is a great way to avoid clutter, gain extra storage space and make your child’s room look fantastic. A toy chest at the end of their bed that serves as a bench or seat is a prime example of this. This will avoid the need to fill the room with unnecessary furniture and create a lot more space.

Children's Bedroom

4. Children’s Bedroom Dirty clothes hampers

There is nothing more untidy than clothes lying all over your child’s bedroom floor. It is a fact of life that more often than not your child will take something off and just throw it on the floor, so give them somewhere else to throw them. Make sure you have a dirty clothes hamper in their room and ensure your child uses it. If the hamper is emptied on a regular basis and your child use it, their room will look a whole lot cleaner.

5.Reward your child

Keeping your child’s room need not be your responsibility, it is important that you teach your child to maintain it themselves. In order to get better results and motivate your child, reward them for keeping a tidy room. If they are old enough to get an allowance, make it a reward for doing their chores. If they are only a youngster, reward them for helping you tidy their room with a sweet or something else they may like. Incentivizing their tasks will motivate them to achieve better results and make our life a whole lot easier.

Working with your child to achieve a tidy room is the quickest way to a successful result. Make them feel like they are part of the team and follow these five tips; you’ll soon find their room to be a much cleaner place.

Children's Bedroom


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