Adventure Packed Education!

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Every parent, teacher and child knows that there are times when school and education are boring. Whether it’s because the subject of a lesson is dull or the teacher fails to engage the student’s attention, or maybe the child just doesn’t feel motivated, this is a completely natural occurrence with which many parents and teachers are familiar. One of the best and most rewarding ways to get children, teachers and parents back on course is to take the lessons out of the classroom.

Adventure Packed Education – Sporting activities

No one can argue with the fact that fresh air and exercise are beneficial. Physical exercise gets blood pumping, adrenalin flowing and helps to achieve and maintain good spirits for young and old. When children are becoming jaded with the classroom, a move to the great outdoors for some team activities, ball games or competitive sports will get children working together and, perhaps more importantly, playing together. Learning to work together to achieve a common goal is helpful in forming friendships now, but is also useful for preparing the child for working with team-mates in the future.

Education abseiling

Some children will never excel at ball games, but every child has a talent for some kind of sport and so it is important for schools to try to include as many different activities as possible. Swimming, archery and horse riding all offer the chance to try something different and possibly find a new sport for life. Other opportunities arise on outward-bound activities such as canoeing or kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling, all of which can help a child to discover new abilities and engage fully with his or her surroundings in a new way. Map reading, for example, can seem a dull subject in the classroom and yet once out in the open with a map and a compass, it becomes an exciting adventure and a valuable way of learning a new skill.

Adventure Packed Education – Hands on learning

Children can often learn better through hands-on experience than by traditional classroom methods and nowadays this option can be fully explored with a wealth of educational visits available to every school. Museum visits are no longer seen as something boring to be endured and with an abundance of museums now designed specifically for children, there has never been a better time to be a child in education. Science museums are now designed to allow children to explore and interact with the exhibits, finding out about the world around them in a fun and informative way.

Education hands on museum

Most art galleries, theaters and wildlife parks have an abundance of resources to allow teachers to plan a day out of the classroom. A day out can be discussed in the classroom in advance, with specific tasks set out for the day itself, backed up by project work that continues after the event. By allowing children to find out and learn for themselves, each child can then build up self-esteem and a greater sense of self-worth, which aids future learning.

Education wildlife parksThere is an abundance of opportunities to make learning fun. Research shows that children who enjoy the experience of learning, interacting and co-operating with others are likely to maintain this outlook throughout their lives, making for a more productive and happier society.

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