5 Ideas to Treat Dad This Father’s Day

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Do you have trouble coming up with the perfect way to treat Dad this Father’s Day? Relax for a second because you’re probably just over thinking it. Most dad’s are simple and don’t expect lavish gifts on Father’s Day, a lot easier than shopping for mom! Here are some ideas to treat Dad this Father’s Day; if you have an idea leave a comment and let us know!

Watch a Game

watch a gameIf Dad is a sports lover, why not site down and watch a game with him? Whether it’s hockey playoffs, racing, basketball playoffs or a boxing match; sit down with him and just watch. This does need you being quiet for as long as possible – use the commercials to ask questions but keep them simple and don’t over-evaluate anything. Show him that you’re interested in what he likes, even though you’re not interested in the game itself.

Do the Grilling

Woman GrillingIf Dad normally does the grilling treat him by letting him relax while you take over. Have him sit back with a glass of iced tea, a cold beer or his favorite drink and enjoy the view of a woman in charge.

Set Up a Poker Night

Poker NightInvite his closest friends over to play poker (or watch a game) while you cater to them. Let him have some time with his friends and you can show off your kitchen skills with appetizers, dips and creative treats. Showing him you understand bromance’s could be a huge turn on for him.

Let Him be Right

man shockedIt’s a common fact that women are always right (he he); this Father’s Day surprise him by agreeing with him and/or “admitting” you’re wrong about something. You’d be surprised what that could mean to a man.

Buy New Lingerie

Wear his shirtShowing off a new negligée or nightie is sure to put a smile on his face and make it the perfect ending to his special day. If you’re on a budget hit the sack in one of his old tees and act like you’re teenagers again.


So, those are some easy tips for Father’s Day; what do you have in mind for Dad this year?

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