One Step Ahead – Double Folding Chair with Umbrella

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My babies, loving the new chair.


In two months, my in-laws will move out and we’ll be the proud owners of a three bedroom, one bath home (my husband’s childhood home) with a full acre backyard! But right now, that huge yard is empty and is a blank slate. Although the kids have a blast running around and playing with each other and the few outdoor toys we have, I am constantly on the lookout for new backyard items at a decent price.


Looking through One Step Ahead’s website, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of products to choose from. They have dozens of outdoor kids’ products, perfect for my family. I was able to choose between three popular items for review: Kids Anywhere Folding Chair, Sand-Away Beach Bag or the Sun Smarties Kids Double Folding Chair with Umbrella. I chose the Sun Smarties Chair.

Chair I was impressed how quickly the chair arrived and was very eager to get it open. With the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, the chair was the perfect addition to our outdoor playtime. Every day we head out for 30 minutes to several hours to allow the kids to run off the energy. At some point during their playtime, they inevitably want to sit in one of the adult chairs. There aren’t enough chairs for everyone and Finn really struggles to get into the adult chairs (especially the woven folding chairs when his knees, arms and legs slide through the mesh).
I set up the chair immediately to give it a go with the kids. It consists of two folding chairs, with armrests and a little table connected between the two chairs. In the back of the table is a hole you can insert the included umbrella through, then pass it through a metal ring at the bottom of the table’s legs. The umbrella even has a spike on the end so you can insert it into the ground and keep it from blowing away.

The chair was easy to assemble. The fabric was thick and seems very durable. Based on the feel of the fabric, I think it will be easy to wipe clean. The outer armrests also have little mesh cup holders, which I think was too cute and both kids LOVED. I particularly like that they have a place to keep their cups so I don’t have to hold them for the kids.
I was really impressed with how cute this little set was and at such a great price: $44.95. I did, however, have one problem with the chair. It may truly have been operator error, but I couldn’t get the chairs to sit completely open. There are these little bars that I think need to slide down to the ground to hold them open, but I couldn’t get them down. I have really weak “T-Rex” arms, so that might be the problem. I’m going to have John mess around with it this weekend.

chair bag

 The chair comes with a nice bag for easy transportation. Just fold the chair up, insert it in and you’re ready to go to the park, camping or for holiday parades. I’m particularly excited to have a chair for Chloe in the evenings when we have our bonfires out back (although I won’t let Finn sit in it there because I’m afraid he’s going to take off towards the flames).

If you’re looking for a great little chair for your backyard or for on the go, take a look at One Step Ahead. While you’re there, take a look at the other great products for your children. Follow One Step Ahead on Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube to find out what the company is up to.

I received a Sun Smarties Kids Double Folding Chair with Umbrella for review. However, the thoughts and opinions on the product are my own.


  1. Rosie says

    This is so cute, I love it. I would want to see if the chairs really open all the way, if they do, this is a must have! I don’t like kids sitting in the sun, every bit of protection helps, and you know they would love to use this!

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