Kids Travel in Style with BubbleBum

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I remember when Dameon got his first booster seat; he wasn’t too thrilled about it. He was excited about getting out of his regular car seat, I guess any kid would be. Booster seats are a sign of growing up…something so many kids look forward to. The problem with Dameon’s booster seat was it wasn’t “cool” or special (even though it had a cup holder..I thought that was pretty cool); it was just your average blue/grey booster seat.

When we received the BubbleBum his words were “Great, just great. Of course she {referring to his cousin} gets a cool one when I got that ugly thing I had.” Grateful little thing, huh?! Raegan loved the BubbleBum booster seat and couldn’t wait to sit in it. While she’s still a little young to sit in it regularly she was tall enough so the seat belt fit around her so she was safe; perfect for a short trip to the park!


Why You Want the BubbleBum

BubbleBum isn’t your run of the mill booster seat. Instead it’s a highly portable/inflatable booster seat that is super cute and comfy. You may have been in the situation where a friend or relative wanted to take your kid out to lunch, or for an overnight visit and they didn’t have a booster seat of their own. It can be a real pain getting your regular booster seat out of your car and into another, but BubbleBum takes away all the hassle. BubbleBum is lightweight and made to travel with your kid wherever they go! It deflates and inflates quickly and folds flat so it doesn’t take up any important space.

Who Can Use the BubbleBum?

The BubbleBum is made for kids 4 – 11 (40 – 80 pounds) and will leave them happy instead of disappointed in their new found big kid seat. It’s designed to be used with a 3 point seat belt system only.

Buy the BubbleBum

The BubbleBum is available for only $39.99 (plus shipping & handling) and you can get it from!

Connect with BubbleBum

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Disclaimer: We received a BubbleBum for evaluation purposes. All thoughts are our own.


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    Bubble bum is so comfy and stylish and I must admit that it solves the problem “What to buy for the birthday of….?”, it is great!

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