Cleaning Out The Clutter

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It is kind of funny how with every changing season we all feel the need to do some cleaning.  Or maybe that is just me?


I do summer cleaning of purging the old winter clothes and cleaning out toys before summer birthdays.


I do the fall cleaning at the end of summer before school starts getting ready to batten down the hatches with the outside toys and again taking inventory of clothes so not to buy school clothes items that we don’t need.


And then there is winter cleaning right before the holidays to get rid of stuff for year end tax deductions.


And of course the one I think many others partake in is Spring Cleaning.    The rain has subsided a bit and the sunshine glares through the windows (albeit dirty windows) which gives us that tad bit of motivation to again, purge yesterdays clutter.  Clutter in drawers, closets, cupboards, garage, you name it.  I am sure we have it, I know WE do.


But what about taking inventory and cleaning out the *real* clutter in your life ?


Yeah, you heard me.  We probably all have a little bit of that too.  I know I do and I am working on the past tense:  did.  I have been getting rid of some of that clutter.  Taking inventory of my heart and my life; our life.  Letting some of the more trivial things go and concentrate on the things that truly matter.


You see,  we all have our own little quirks, idiosyncrasies, bad habits, etc that ultimately are part of who we are.  And at our age chances are pretty slim that we are going to change NOR should we want to change those we love.  With that in mind, there comes a point in time, an awakening or “AHA” moment that I think we all stumble upon (some sooner than others) where you decide to let by gones be by gones and simply let things go.


My “AHA” moment has only happened recently while I was away in Ethiopia.  Upon my return, after being away from my family and seeing what I saw over there, I came back with a whole new perspective.  No longer was I going to sweat the small stuff.  And over the years there have been many a times that I HAVE sweated the small stuff and I have decided I am not doing it anymore.


It is out with the old and in with the new.


I am making room for more time to connect with my family.  To connect with others for that matter.


I am making more time to connect with my husband.  And truly actively communicate.  Not just texting or messaging but having face to face conversations on a regular basis during the week which has been difficult at times because of our opposite schedules.


I am going to declutter our schedule and put more time aside for US rather than always running here and going there.


I am sweeping the little things that in the past have driven me bonkers under the rug.


I know this is all going to be a work in progress but in the end I am certain it will be worth it.


I think our lives, like our homes, need some attention too as the seasons change.


How will you declutter this season?




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