Review: Putumayo Kids

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Putumayo Kids offers a variety of products to assist with teaching World Culture to your children or students. They have received awards from Parents Choice, National Parenting Publications Association, American Library Association, ALSC Notable Children’s Recordings Award, and Scholastic Magazine! If you think their resume is impressive, you should see their products!  They are beautiful. I was able to review the following for myself:

Putumayo KidsLatin America Coloring Book: I am starting with my favorite.  No saving the best for last here! This coloring book is a work of art in itself.  I won’t even allow my children to color in it because it is so beautiful.  I had them make copies of the pages they wanted to color instead!  You can preview it for yourself by using the link above. (The preview doesn’t compare to the original.)

Inside the front and back cover are beautiful paintings of popular Latin American animals and instruments with their descriptions written in English and Spanish. The first page welcomes you to Latin America with a brief paragraph for the children to read. The pages that follow consist of a Latin American map, beautiful scenes, animals, musical instruments used, what children in Latin America do for play, masks, and a create your own activities.  The Illustrator and Designer did a wonderful job with this book. The illustrations are frame worthy!

Putumayo KidsAfrica Sticker Collection: Is almost as beautiful as the coloring book.  This consists of a durable fold-out landscape and map, with sheets of 120 reusable stickers held in a pocket on the side. My kids enjoyed creating their own scenes from the stickers provided. They didn’t come off for repositioning quite as easily as I would have liked but my kids didn’t complain. (The stickers bent on the edges slightly.) Again, the artwork provided is amazing!

Putumayo KidsKids World Party: This CD is a wonderful mix of upbeat music from around the world.  My children loved learning the “Oompa Loompa” song is Hawaiian from the booklet included within the package.  The Booklet list information about the performing artists, background information on the songs, and brief customs for the country the song originated from. This is an all in one educational tool! You can watch videos of the music offered on the Kids World Party CD and many others by viewing their site.  Teachers can view and print their teacher resources!

Companies that care are held dear to my heart… Putumayo Kids is a supporter of the following organizations:

Axé Project, European Federation for Street Children, Genesis Foundation, Jamaica Basic Schools Foundation, NextAid , Louisiana Children’s Museum, Parents and Children Together, Vitamin Angels, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Worldwide Orphans Foundation

 I recommend these products to any parent or teacher for their child(ren)’s enjoyment or as an educational tool.  Follow the many links in my post to view samplings from Putumayo Kids.

*Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary Putumayo Kids Africa Sticker Collection, Latin America Coloring Book, and Kids World Party CD, for the purpose of facilitating my review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions expressed herein are unbiased and not influenced by the authors, artists, publisher, or their affiliates in any way.*


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