5 Great Messages for Parents of Teens

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16th birthday

Sweet 16

Children grow up so quickly. Last month, my oldest turned 16. It’s hard to believe that she will be an “adult” in less than two years.

Yesterday, I read Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen, a short (~50 page) Christian handbook on raising teens. The author C. Lynn Williams shares what she’s learned as the parent of four children.

Giving Your Teen Attention, Time, Love and Discipline is Important

Williams asks parents to spend time with their teens and communicate with them. If finding time to spend with your teens is difficult, she suggests making an effort to listen to your teens while driving to activities, and at the very least finding 15 minutes a day where you can focus on your child.

Recognize the Challenges of Pubery

Teenagers are often experiencing rapid changes in their bodies, brains and hormone levels. This can be a scary time for teens as they fluctuate between adult and child. Willams states it is important to maintain as much normalcy as possible during this time by maintaining boundaries and setting and keeping rules.

Consistency in Parenting

Williams proposes that if you say yes after saying no, because your child has badgered you over and over again, that you are doing more harm than good. Demonstrate consistency and you will create a safe and secure environment for your teen during this uncertain time in their life.

Let Go of Your Ego

Your teen wants to be heard. Take time to listen to your son or daughter. If you are not your teens sounding board, they will find someone else. Be the person your child can turn to when they need advice. In the process, you will help to build his or her self-confidence.

Give Yourself a Timeout

Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen defines a timeout as “a chance to reflect and reconsider; time to think about WHAT YOU DID.” She suggests that, if you lose your cool, you tell your kids you need a few minutes to yourself, head to your bedroom, and close the door.

Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen

*Disclaimer:  I was given one copy of  “Trying to Stay Sane” to read and review.  No other monetary compensation was given.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced by the author or publisher in any way.*


  1. Andie says

    I have discovered that some of the best teen time I have with my oldest son is on grocery trips. I used to love grocery shopping for the “me” time and wouldn’t take anyone along with me. When I discovered he talks non-stop on those trips I find I would far rather take him along and hear what’s going on in his world.

  2. Lassa says

    Not only do they want to be heard but they need to experiment to find their own voice, let them talk, listen to them and encourage them to develop their own ideas.

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