How Much Does Surrogacy Cost

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One possible alternative to adoption is surrogacy. Surrogacy occurs when a woman agrees to bear a child for someone else who will serve as a parent for the child. The surrogate, or the woman who will bear the child, is not pregnant during the time a surrogacy agreement is reached. A common question is “How much does a surrogate cost?” The surrogacy cost varies depending on method and circumstances.

How much does surrogacy costSome married couples who want to have a baby will resort to this kind of arran gement. In traditional surrogacy the surrogate provides the egg cell and the intended father provides the sperm while in gestational surrogacy the surrogate carries the pregnancy but the sperm and egg are provided by donors (intended parents or others). The problem is people wonder How much does a surrogate cost?

How much does a surrogate cost?

So how much does surrogacy cost? Estimated cost for traditional surrogacy ranges from $40,000 to $65,000 while for gestational surrogacy prices range from $75,000 to $100,000.

Average price

How much does surrogacy cost on average? Generally, a surrogate pregnancy costs around $60,000. However, most programs do not charge a flat fee but instead they do charge administrative fees for the prospective parents. This may cover the surrogate fee, private health insurance uk for the surrogate, maternity clothing allowance, plus other related expenses. Usually a surrogate’s services is worth $13,000 to $25,000 and in case of multiple birth or caesarian procedure an additional fee of $2,500 to $7,000 may be charged.

Additional costs

Moreover, other necessary expenses such as IVF screening and procedures may cost $10,000 to $15,000. The legal fees also range between $2,000 to $10,000. The surrogate may also get a $4,000 to $6,000 stipend for maternity needs such as clothing, food, and support group meetings.

Sometimes, parents resort to gestational surrogacy to lessen legal complexity. Here, if the surrogate has health insurance it would already cover the medical expenses related to pregnancy unless there is an exclusion. In such cases the total fee would include the agency’s finding and screening a surrogate, proceedings, and use of pre-screened fertility clinics.

Some programs may also require psychological counseling for the surrogate. Regular sessions may cost around $2,500. There are also cases where the surrogate misses work and thus, loses her salary. The lost wages have to be duly compensated.

How much does surrogacy cost with a discount? There are discounts of course. The surrogate fee varies widely since it is usually negotiable between the prospective parents and the surrogate; Some surrogates may accept a lower fee. Traditional surrogacy is cheaper than IVF because the surrogate is artificially inseminated with the prospective father’s sperm.

The American Fertility Association names three common approaches to surrogacy:

  • Using a small agency
  • Using a big agency
  • Finding a surrogate independently.

If you are unable to have children yourself, surrogacy is a great option! Although it may be sad to never have children on your own, it’s even sadder to never even have children. Do what’s best for you, continue searching to find your perfect partner, and be sure to research and become as familiar as possible with the process. I hope this has helped answer that burning question, How much does surrogacy cost?

Be sure to check out our entire baby section for advice, product recommendations and more. Hopefully you now know How much does a surrogate cost.


  1. Elizabeth says

    I would love to have another baby but me and my husband can’t I have cancer in the uterus and in my womb and he can’t have any more bc of medical reasons.

  2. says

    Great article about the real cost of surrogacy! I truly believe it´s really important to make the best estimation possible about the surrogacy cost before starting your journey.

    Also, It is important that both the intended parents and the surrogate mother are transparent about the costs that will be reimbursed. Financial matters can be difficult to talk about. It’s essential that both parties establish a system that gives the surrogate mother and IPs confidence to discuss about this topic o avoid conflicts during the surrogacy process.

  3. Allen says

    I have three kids my wife has two together we have none and we both keep saying that we wish we met sooner and we wish we had a child together dont get us wrong we love our kids, I personally wish I had a child I had a child with this beautiful, smart, funny, awesome woman that still gives me butterflies every time she says my name. She has Lupus and other medical conditions and I would never risk her life for anything. We were thinking about this process a lot we even have a surrogate that would do it for nothing but just don’t think we could afford the procedure.

  4. says

    Hello i so much would love to have a child. I just dont make that much money.
    But since i was a child my self i always wanted a brother or sister.

    And now that i am older and that never happen i so much want a baby of my own.

    But i am low income what options do i have to have this happen for me ?

  5. bernadette Aburn says

    I am about to undertake surrogacy in the US with an agency Sunrise Surrogacy. The cost is a minefield because no one can tell me a ball park figure hence do not know how much to budget. The medical insurance is also a nightmare to understand. I am from Australia by the way.

    can anyone help please! I am getting older…….

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