Labor Day Party Ideas

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Labor Day is the unofficial but traditional way to mark the end of summer. It’s a time when we either get ready to go back to school or brace ourselves for the coming autumn and winter seasons. The original intent of this holiday was to provide a respite from the hard, stressful, everyday work that so many of us endure, and yet most of us go back to work the next day even more worn out.

But in a good way.

Labor Day is the perfect opportunity for a last great farewell-to-summer party. These parties come in all shapes and sizes, with the tendency towards something in the great outdoors (this is a day to celebrate the wonderful weather of summer, after all), but if you are looking for something different this year, try out one of these ideas.

1. The Classic Picnic –  Whether you are getting together with friends or family, there’s nothing quite like finding a quiet place in the shade where you can spread out a blanket and enjoy some great picnic food and a peaceful afternoon outside.

2. Neighborhood BBQ – If you are more interested in large get-together you can put together some nice Labor Day party invitations and bring the whole neighborhood over for a huge BBQ. Whether you provide everything yourself or ask everyone to contribute their favorite items, you can have a great time getting to know your neighbors before you all have to go back to work or school.

3. Day Travel – Take the day and go someplace new. It doesn’t matter if you hike there, walk there, bike there, or drive there, this is a great chance to get together a few of your fellow travelers and spend the day on the road. Go as far as you can in the morning, have a great lunch, and then turn around and take your time getting back (work and school will always be there).

4. Organized Sports and Games – Get your friends and family together for the flag football Super Bowl, the world’s larges Risk marathon, or some backyard Olympics. Don’t just get some people together and play whatever games are on hand. Plan it out with prizes, scoreboards, and internal rivalries. Give everyone a reason to want to win.

5. Outdoor Movies – When the day starts to wind down and the cool night arrives, set up a projector outside in the backyard, grab a few blankets and a bucket of popcorn and enjoy your favorite movies underneath the stars.


Are  you excited for your upcoming Labor Day Party?


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