Yoga Benefits for Women During and After Pregnancy

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There are unlimited Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy. Various asanas or poses can be practiced before, during and after delivery.

If you are planning to get pregnant, you can start practicing yoga for a safer and healthier pregnancy.

Yoga During PregnancyThis will keep the mother and child safe and healthy during the period. The main reason to practice yoga is to adjust to the quick, physical and psychological changes that occur. Therefore, yoga is the ultimate answer to comfortable pregnancy. Now let us see the importance and Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy and after.

Why Yoga during pregnancy is essential

  • Know your Body: Yoga is the best method to get to know your body. Yoga can be practiced focusing on specific areas of the body. Practicing yoga during pregnancy ensures all the body parts are flexible and stress free. This helps a lot during childbirth.
  • For Perfect Posture: No matter how straight your posture was before pregnancy, it is sure to change slightly during and after pregnancy. One yoga benefit for pregnant women is increasing the back and shoulder strength. This indeed improves the posture and helps you keep the posture you had before pregnancy.
  • Enhanced Emotion Control: The main yoga benefit during pregnancy is mood moderation. Since yoga stresses on breathing and moving at once, it helps to have long deep breath. This will help you feel well relaxed and calm.

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga During Pregnancy ChartThere are numerous benefits to yoga during pregnancy. The first benefit is to remain mentally and physically strong throughout the pregnancy. There are many instances where women had reported fewer problems during labor after doing yoga exercises right through the pregnancy period. The exercises performed increases the serotonin levels in the body, which decreases the level of depression, anxiety especially during pregnancy. It also prepares the body for delivery, by loosening and relaxing the muscles making the body more flexible. Another yoga benefit for women during pregnancy is creating the ability to control breathe leading to regular breathing while delivering baby. Yoga practice can reduce body especially back and neck pain, which occurs due to sudden increase in body weight.

Benefits of Yoga After Pregnancy

Yoga During PregnancyIt is important to wait for a period of six weeks after childbirth to begin your yoga practices to get back in shape. Yoga is the best practice that can help to get rid of those plus size dresses you are wearing nowadays. Some people opt to hit the gym after pregnancy however it is not advisable since you had been through a tough period and it is better to start of slowly with yoga. Practicing yoga helps to get back in shape by increasing your fitness levels gradually. Meanwhile the involvement of breathing in yoga will help to overcome all the emotional upheaval of pregnancy in an optimistic manner. Apart from these benefits, yoga also creates a bond with mother and child.

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