Modarri Cars Take Playing Cars to the Next Level!


    Do your kids love toy cars? If so, you need to take Modarri cars out for a spin!  This spring, Modarri picked up an award for the Spring 2015 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and it’s not hard to see why once you play with them! The cool thing about the Modarri […]

Get Coffee In Your PJ’s with Dunkin’ Donuts® K-Cup® Pods!


Thanks to the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and Dunkin’ Donuts®, we got to try new Dunkin’ Donuts® K-Cups® and enjoy fresh brewed coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts® – at home, in my pj’s! Now, the Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee K-Cup® Pods you love are available in the coffee aisle of the grocery store! In fact, the aroma was so […]

Widdle Away Worry for Kids with GoZen!


I should tell you that my wife does the majority of writing for this site. But when the GoZen! Program came in, I jumped on the opportunity to test it out. You see, I was (and still am a little bit) a BIG worrier as a child. My worry, stress, and anxiety caused me to […]

The Ovia Monitor from Levana Lets You Do More Knowing Your Child is Safe!


    Score a win for new parents with the Ovia from Levana, a company committed to baby safety as their number one priority!  With the safety and complete security of a state-of-the-art video monitoring system that features Talk to Baby ™ two-way communication and invisible night vision LEDs, you can watch baby without disturbing […]

Recycle your Period Pads Thanks to Poise!


If you’ve had a child (or even if you haven’t), chances are pretty decent that you have experienced LBL.  What is LBL?  Light bladder leakage – you know – a little leak triggered by things like sneezing, exercise, or laughing. LBL is caused by many reasons, and the reasons are different for every woman, but […]

Give Mom a Gift All Year Long with Feeln!


      Are you still hunting for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? If so, consider getting Mom a gift certificate or subscription for Feeln! Feeln is a subscription video on demand service showing movies which will move, inspire, and delight Mom throughout the year. Feeln subscribers also enjoy a wide variety of movies, including […]

Mother’s Day is Sweet with Cake Truffles from Shari’s Berries!


    Cake Truffles from Shari’s Berries are a wonderful treat for mom this Mother’s Day. Each truffle is handmade and covered in chocolate. The result is an incredible outer layer of chocolate and a moist and delicious center full of deliciousness. A box of 9 Assorted Cake Truffles includes Sheri’s Berries famous flavors: Peanut Butter, […]