Teaching Kids the Financial Facts of Life

Smiling woman holding piggy bank in hands

It’s no secret that if you are a regular reader of Parent Palace, financial literacy is a topic that is extremely important to us! I really believe that children should be educated about money BEFORE they get themselves into trouble, which is why we are happy that Take Charge America is offering us some tips […]

How and Why Your Teen Should Start a Business This Summer


Summer vacation is in full swing, and you have probably heard the dreaded “I’m bored” complaint at least a few times from your teenager. Chances are good you have also been asked for money so she can go to the mall, see a movie, grab Starbucks with friends or get lunch. To help you both […]

Tips for Exercising Through Pregnancy

Smiling pregnant woman meditating isolated on a white background

If I had to go back and do things again with my pregnancy, the number one thing I would change is that I would exercise more.  I think it definitely did not help my labor and delivery or keeping my weight in check! Part of what was hard for me was knowing exactly much I […]

Three Parenting Hacks To Get Your Kids to Try Sports

boy with a ball of football

The habit of healthy living begins at childhood. This means that the responsibility of ensuring that a child grows to avoid preventable diseases, works well as part of a team, and turns out well-rounded falls on a parent. This is common knowledge, but so is the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to convince […]

Preparing Your Family for Grandparents Moving In


As the baby boomers are aging, something that many parents are having to face is also being a caregiver for your own parents.  The grandparents are moving in and you’re trying to get your family ready. Whether grandma or grandpa need medical help or are moving in for another reason, it will be a big […]

Taking Family Vacations Without Debt

Beautiful slim legs of three young women in swimming pool

I cannot WAIT for my kiddos to get out of school!  We have so many summer plans and we are taking a big old roadtrip in August.  This is the first big road trip we will be taking in a long time, and I’m a little nervous as a single mom, but I know it […]

Teaching Your Kids Healthy Tech Habits


Smartphones and digital devices are provided to children at a young age these days, as they are relevant and function as safety, social and academic tools. While these devices provide ample information and open up opportunities for communication and learning, they can also be misused and cause harm or behavioral issues. Make sure your child […]

Be a Food Smart Family with 4-H


This post was sponsored by the National 4-H Council as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. We have been a part of 4-H for years! My daughter started her horse showing experience with 4-H, and we have really enjoyed the family-friendly aspect to […]

Five Money Tips for Your High School Graduate

If you are a parent of a high schooler like me, chances are you are thinking about college.  We talk a LOT about not incurring huge student loan debts, but I now there are more things I could be doing to help educate my daughter. When it comes to debt, student loans and credit cards […]

Five Test Taking Survival Tips for Teens

happy students group  study in classroom

It’s getting to be that time of year for my high school sophomore – the end of the year means the prospect of summer coming, but before that FINALS and for the first time this year, an AP test! While she survived her first AP test, the end of the year always brings some stress. […]