Celebrate Safe Kids Day and Make Your Home Safer


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine. As a parent, I think my primary job is to keep my kids safe.  As they get older, I find that while we have passed the babyproofing stage, new dangers present themselves.  As parents, it […]

Talking to Your Kids About Death


My In-laws with their grandchildren – one week before the children had to say good-bye to their grandfather. This week I was on the Parenting Panel at Canada AM chatting about how to discuss death and dying with kids. There is no question, this topic is a tough one for parents. It’s loaded with potentially […]

Tech Gadgets + Apps that are Beneficial for Your Child

Serious elementary learner using touchpad

The jury is still out on whether parents should push kids to play with tech as toys. In fact, no major study has found conclusive results in support of either the luddite or gadget fanatic views. But the fact remains that we live in a high-tech world, and raising tech-savvy children just makes sense. Technology […]

My Daughter is Trying to Kill Me


Ok, maybe she isn’t actually trying to kill me. It’s possible that she doesn’t realize that when she starts talking about a boy at school being her *gulp* boyfriend she doesn’t even realize that my stomach lurches and I throw up a little in my throat. But now she is asking to go on dates and […]

Mid-Terms with a Teen Student


I went to a pretty decent high school – it was newish, and we had 9 computers in our computer lab which was pretty good back in the day. We had final exams but I don’t really remember anything about mid-terms. Maybe we had mid-terms – it seems like something that one would do in […]

Need a Great Parenting Book? Look No Further!

Wouldn’t it be great if children were born with a set of instructions to guide you clearly and cleanly through their childhood and into adulthood? Maybe an illustrated guide to remind you to be careful when changing little boy diapers lest you get a surprise, or a clue or two tattooed to their back that […]

5 Easy Tips to Save Parents Worry Over Head Lice

head lice infographic

  Since school resumed in the fall we have seen our share of shared sniffles, a bout of pink eye, a few fevers, and we live in dread of the elementary school nurses letter telling us there has been an identified case of head lice in our daughter’s class. In a house with so much […]