Taking Family Vacations Without Debt

Beautiful slim legs of three young women in swimming pool

I cannot WAIT for my kiddos to get out of school!  We have so many summer plans and we are taking a big old roadtrip in August.  This is the first big road trip we will be taking in a long time, and I’m a little nervous as a single mom, but I know it […]

Teaching Your Kids Healthy Tech Habits


Smartphones and digital devices are provided to children at a young age these days, as they are relevant and function as safety, social and academic tools. While these devices provide ample information and open up opportunities for communication and learning, they can also be misused and cause harm or behavioral issues. Make sure your child […]

Be a Food Smart Family with 4-H


This post was sponsored by the National 4-H Council as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. We have been a part of 4-H for years! My daughter started her horse showing experience with 4-H, and we have really enjoyed the family-friendly aspect to […]

Five Money Tips for Your High School Graduate

If you are a parent of a high schooler like me, chances are you are thinking about college.  We talk a LOT about not incurring huge student loan debts, but I now there are more things I could be doing to help educate my daughter. When it comes to debt, student loans and credit cards […]

Five Test Taking Survival Tips for Teens

happy students group  study in classroom

It’s getting to be that time of year for my high school sophomore – the end of the year means the prospect of summer coming, but before that FINALS and for the first time this year, an AP test! While she survived her first AP test, the end of the year always brings some stress. […]

Help Keep Teen Drivers Safe During Prom

Back view portrait of a young man talking on the phone and driving car

My daughter just turned sixteen a week ago and that means two things are coming up: driving and prom! As families are getting ready for prom this year, ordering flowers and shopping for dresses, it’s important to add the safe driver/safe rider conversation to the to do list. Below are just a few pointers from […]

Five Tips for SAT Success

Portrait of pensive student carrying out test at lesson

  We are entering PSAT prep season here in my house – and one of the ways my oldest is prepping for the PSAT is to prep for SAT, which will be coming soon after.  We are starting early, because there is a lot of work to be done.  According to Tom Rose, co-founder of Testive SAT/ACT […]

Great Online Degree Options for Moms

A recent graduate thinks about what she will do now that she has completed her education.

The growth of online study has given many moms a chance to further their education. Many choose to do this with the aim to returning to work or to find a career in a more flexible industry. Some, however, chose to study to satisfy a love of learning and give themselves something to do away […]

Tips on Preparing Your Dog for Baby

Baby kissing dog

Before your baby comes along, your furbaby may rule the roost.  Just like having a new baby at home is a HUGE adjustment for you, having a new small person at home can be a big adjustment for your dog.  Because you want your baby to be safe, and you want your dog to adjust […]

Ways To Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

Toddler age girl getting spoken to by her mother. Great parenting concept image.

Sometimes, as a parent, to protect our children, we have to have difficult conversations.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and as difficult as it may be teaching our kids about sexual assault, and how to avoid it, is something we should do.  But how do you even start?  Sexual violence is a very serious […]