Great Online Degree Options for Moms

A recent graduate thinks about what she will do now that she has completed her education.

The growth of online study has given many moms a chance to further their education. Many choose to do this with the aim to returning to work or to find a career in a more flexible industry. Some, however, chose to study to satisfy a love of learning and give themselves something to do away […]

Tips on Preparing Your Dog for Baby

Baby kissing dog

Before your baby comes along, your furbaby may rule the roost.  Just like having a new baby at home is a HUGE adjustment for you, having a new small person at home can be a big adjustment for your dog.  Because you want your baby to be safe, and you want your dog to adjust […]

Ways To Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse

Toddler age girl getting spoken to by her mother. Great parenting concept image.

Sometimes, as a parent, to protect our children, we have to have difficult conversations.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and as difficult as it may be teaching our kids about sexual assault, and how to avoid it, is something we should do.  But how do you even start?  Sexual violence is a very serious […]

Parenting Your Parents: Tips For Making the Transition

Close-up of clinician hand on that of disabled woman with walking frame

The best kind of relationships and what makes them so resilient is that they are not static. Relationships are meant to evolve. As you change and grow, the relationships you have with your friends, family, and yes, even parents, are meant to change and grow, too. It is easy, however, to fall into patterns or […]

4 Things to Consider Before Having Another Baby

Happy mother with newborn baby

  After having children, some people decide that they don’t want to have anymore; however, months or years go by and this decision changes. There are many reasons why people decide to have another child, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice. Before you and your significant other decide to start trying to […]

Tips on Being More Optimistic


  Do you ever have those days when you have just HAD IT?  I do.  It’s on days when everything is going wrong – I don’t sleep well, so I’m tired, work is annoying, I’m extra crabby with the kids, who then misbehave…it’s an endless cycle. Especially as Western NY starts the long slog through […]

Recycle Broken Toys for Free with Tom’s of Maine


  If your kids are like mine, you have dealt with your share of broken toys.  And if you are like me, those broken toys can be a seriously big source of stress.  After all, we parents work pretty hard to give our kids the toys that they want.  With the toy industry now generating […]

Do You Feed Your Kids “Kid Food”?

happy young family have healthy breakfast at kitchen with red details on bright morning light

Do you feed your kiddos “kid food”?  I know I definitely do sometimes – when I’m too exhausted to do anything else but order in! But I do have to say, I do encourage my kids to try anything and everything, and when we do go out, I encourage them to try new things – […]

The Joys and Challenges of Being a Single Parent


* This post has been sponsored.   I had a rough day on Friday.  I mean, a really rough day.  My youngest has her normal 359 pounds of things packed to go to her dad’s.  I got my older daughter to school a little late.  Then work ran long.  Like I ended up leaving an […]