April 19, 2014

Save Big with Cooper Tires Spring Event & Your Chance to Win $1,000 Prize Pack Today!

With a Mom and Dad driving schedule, we need our tires to hold up. When it’s time for new ones, we want to save big! So check out how you can keep your machine running well and save money at the same time.

“We’re Going on a Boat Trip!” — Enjoying a Cruise Round the Mediterranean

Best Family Cruises

What do you get when you combine one of the best ways to travel with a captivating holiday destination? A Mediterranean cruise! It’s little wonder why this type of getaway is so popular with scores of tourists and travelers. From the locations and the chance to try world cuisine to the many on-board activities and […]

Choosing Really Competent Builders For Your Next Project

xfs_1040x540_s89_electricians working

We now have access to low interest rates so it is the best time possible to hire builders so that you can build a brand new home or remodel the one you live in. The problem is that there are various different choices that are currently available. You need to be sure that you find […]

How To Child Proof Your Entire Home

How to Child Proof Home

Having little ones is an exciting adventure!  They are so curious and interested in everything.  However, that can lead to their exploration of areas and objects that you don’t want them to touch!  There are several areas that you want to make sure to protect.  Here are some simple steps to do this. Covering Electrical […]

Caring For Health Conditions – Don’t Let Them Rule Your World!

parenting tips

I’m not sure how all of my siblings and I reached adulthood with all our bones intact and with reasonable health, but we did. However, the same has not held true for our children and, as any parent knows, that is harder than when it’s something that you have to deal with! Several of our […]

Overview of 529 College Savings Plans-It’s not too early or late to start

How to Start a 529 Savings Plan

The financial aspect of raising children poses many decisions. Much of the focus for parents is protecting against risk. Expectant mothers may consider life insurance for themselves. After the baby is born, parents with separate health insurance plans must decide which policy the baby will be added to. This decision must often be made within […]

Why You Should Consider Green Carpet Cleaning

Green Cleaning Tips

There is an increasing number of people that are looking for green carpet cleaning these days.  To properly understand green carpet cleaning, we should talk a little about chemistry. Understanding pH PH is basically a scale, a method to see if chemicals are basic, neutral or acidic. An acidic solution has pH ranging from 0 […]

Games for Kids That Parents Can Enjoy

Educational Video Games

This post has been sponsored by Sylvan Learning.com – Ok, I admit it, I’m a closet gamer!  I like playing some kids video games.  However, I don’t like seeing my kids sitting there and just zoning out into brain draining games for hours on end.  Sylvan Learning (SylvanLearning.com) has come up with a way to […]

4 Cool Ways for Kids to Beat the Heat

Make Popsicles

Ok, so you managed to successfully go through another cold season. All those short days inside, all those layered sweaters and precautions against flu are now behind you and your family. Unfortunately, every season has its issues. And while you might be safe from winter’s problems, you’re also one step closer to summer’s heat. Can […]

Biz Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have never used Biz stain fighter before but have dealt with a lot of tough stains in the past using other products.Nothing really seems to work which is why I jumped at the chance […]