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Putting Creativity back into Christmas

Our family is going overseas for the holidays this year.  I hate the thought of Santa having to turn up at our holiday destination because it means I have to lug oversized bags full of gifts both there and back. A family of eight has enough gear to drag around. To avoid this situation, I […]


Add Some Extra Deliciousness to Your Holiday Meals

Thank you to Edible Arrangements and SVERVE for this opportunity!  However, all opinions and taste buds are my own. I don’t know about you but it’s amazing to me that Thanksgiving is already here! This fall is just flying by! One thing that being behind the curve on this holiday season means, is that I’m […]

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The Importance of Early Dental Checkups

Healthy teeth are a big part of a person’s overall health and well being. That’s why it’s important to start getting children used to going to the dentist early. It’s a good idea to begin regular checkups as young as one year old. Those early visits are primarily meant to acclimate the child to the […]


Get in Shape before the New Year

  Everyone is going to be making New Year’s Resolution before we know it, and most of them will be about weight loss, as usual. Why not decide to get in shape before the holiday rush and get a jump start on your weight loss journey now? Empower makes getting in shape easy and fun. […]

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The Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Travel Indian Reservations for an Amazing Historical Experience!

Learn More About Ancient Americans by Visiting One of These Native American Tourist Destinations Human habitation dates back to the Paleo period in the United States. That’s roughly fourteen thousand years of history (and, archeological discoveries). These early people would roam the icy lands, in search of mammoth and other wild beasts to eat. Evidence […]

Tunisia Beaches

Tunisia: Home Of Some Of The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Northern Africa is a place to find some exotic locations that are great destinations for a vacation by the sea. Tunisia is one of the smallest countries in the world, but its beautiful attractions, especially its beaches should not be taken for granted because they happen to be some of the finest in the world. If […]

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