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The Magical Tale of Santa Dust Book Giveaway

  The weather outside is reminding me that Christmas is coming and I need to get prepared. It’s getting cold and the calendar pages are turning quickly. It seems that time has just been flying by lately! So I decided to get a jump on my Christmas Shopping List including all of the items I […]

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage

Sausage and Sauerkraut – Perfect Oktoberfest Recipe!

With the change in seasons, my taste buds are changing too! This week I tested out my first really Fall dish. While this is a sponsored product review for Hillshire Brands™, the opinions and recipe are definitely my own. Whatever I’m going during the school year has to be delicious (of course!), pretty fast to […]

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Summer Activities for Kids

Physical Activities for the Whole Family

Keeping your family physically active might seem like a daunting proposition, especially if you have enough trouble just getting yourself to do it. But being active doesn’t have to be difficult, and your entire family can reap all sorts of mental, physical, and emotional benefits from regular physical activity. In fact, there are a lot of activities […]

Life After Divorce

How to Spend Your Life, If You Knew…?

As parents, friends, siblings, children of etc – How quickly days and life can disappear without our realizing it.  I found this visual really eye opening when I went through it and just had to share it! The concept of 6 years of life to chores and another 2.5 of my life going to grocery […]

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The Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Travel Indian Reservations for an Amazing Historical Experience!

Learn More About Ancient Americans by Visiting One of These Native American Tourist Destinations Human habitation dates back to the Paleo period in the United States. That’s roughly fourteen thousand years of history (and, archeological discoveries). These early people would roam the icy lands, in search of mammoth and other wild beasts to eat. Evidence […]

Tunisia Beaches

Tunisia: Home Of Some Of The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Northern Africa is a place to find some exotic locations that are great destinations for a vacation by the sea. Tunisia is one of the smallest countries in the world, but its beautiful attractions, especially its beaches should not be taken for granted because they happen to be some of the finest in the world. If […]

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