How to be More Thankful this Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving table decoration

Are you truly thankful at Thanksgiving? Sure, it can be easy to spend hours and hundreds of dollars on food at the mall, but what if you took a step back and took a more relaxed attitude to Thanksgiving? Remember the holidays are a time for sharing and enjoying with your family, not to mention to give thanks and be grateful. There’s no need to be a scrooge when charity really can begin at home. In fact, there are a whole host of reasons to be more thankful this Thanksgiving.  

First and foremost, keep things simple. Check what you have at home that you can use towards your celebrations. Sites such as EJ Gift Cards can help if you need to be more financially resourceful this year. It’s easy to be more thankful and keep costs down, read on to find out how.

Get creative in the kitchen

Our busy lives and demands often see us cut corners to keep stress levels low during the holidays, but why not make a change this year and make meal preparation top of your priorities this Thanksgiving. In fact, preparing those much loved family favorites at home will not only save you money, you’ll also know exactly how much sugar and salt goes into each and every dish – meaning you can create tasty, healthy recipes for the entire family to enjoy. Even if you hate spending time slaving over a hot stove or perhaps you aren’t a natural in the kitchen, there’s no reason to buy in your side dishes when you can make them at home. Why not get the kids involved too – they will love helping Mom get creative in the kitchen.

Help the local community

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and caring with your family and friends, but what about those who will be spending the holidays alone? Why not look into helping the local community this Thanksgiving? You could consider making some donations to a local food bank, or giving time back and volunteering at a soup kitchen or community center. Why not take those unwanted clothes to a charity store or clear out your store cupboards and take some tins to a local food bank?  It’s easier thank you think to be a good neighbor this year. Perhaps you have elderly neighbors – so why not invite them round to share and enjoy a meal with you and your family? You’ll be sure to make lasting memories and even create new friendships too.

Be grateful

Preparation done, turkey in the oven and table decorated. Now take some time out for self-reflection and consider how you can be more thankful in the coming year. Why not talk with your family to see if you can make a few small changes in your daily routine to give back to the local community, or to lend an ear to friends who are finding life a bit tough? It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of the holidays, so be sure to take a different approach this Thanksgiving and give thanks for what you do have.

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