Five Small Changes to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

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Bedroom, 3D visualization modern style

As the cooler months kick in and winter approaches, you may be looking forward to getting your pajamas on early and settling down for the night with a hot chocolate and a good book. Fall and winter are the times for relaxing in a cozy, warm atmosphere, especially in your bedroom. Changing the décor and creating a more comfortable environment can reduce your heating costs, help you sleep, and ensure you can relax at the end of a long day. Here is what you need to do to make sure your bedroom is cozy.


The first thing you need to do is look at your bedding. Thin and bright is perfect for the summer. But, in winter, you’ll need something more. Check out Designer Living for some fantastic options. Your bedding needs to be soft and comfortable. So, look for high-quality materials. You’ll also want a thick duvet and extra sheets. You might be tempted to go for dark colors and patterns to make the room look warmer. But, lighter, plain colors can help you to relax and get a better night’s sleep. If you do opt for dark patterns and prints, try to keep your walls plain, so it doesn’t overwhelm the eye.

Soft Furnishings

One of the best ways to make a room cozy is to add soft furnishings such as blankets, throws, and cushions. These will make the room look warm and inviting, while also giving you plenty of extra options if it does get cold. For these extras, darker colors can work well and add texture to your room.


Candles make a great addition to bedrooms in the autumn and can easily make a room look cozy and warm. Avoiding bright lights is an excellent way to promote a warm and romantic atmosphere, so give yourself as many options as possible with lamps and lanterns.

If you’ve got space, add some bookshelves or create a separate reading nook to create a cool, private space to relax in.


Over the colder months, lined curtains are a fantastic way to make sure heat doesn’t escape. Close them as soon as it gets dark to keep warm air trapped in. This could save you money on heating as well as make your room look great. If your walls are light, consider darker curtains to make a statement.


Floors often get neglected when we look at our décor, particularly in rooms that don’t often get seen by guests, such as the bedroom. But, what could be cozier than getting out of bed and treading on a lovely soft floor? Thick, high-quality carpets can make an excellent addition to any room. But, if you are looking for something cheaper or easier to fit, try a thick rug, which can make a huge difference, especially if you’ve got wooden flooring.

Creating a cozy bedroom in time for winter is easy with just a few small additions to your room. Just make sure you focus on comfort as well as style.  

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