Back to School & Starting Weight Loss

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Over the summer, when the kids are off school, as parents we get absolutely zero time for ourselves. We’re arranging childcare for while we work, rushing for drop-offs and pick-ups. Then, when we’re home we’re constantly looking for things to keep them occupied and stop the dreaded calls of “Mom, I’m bored!” from week one. Time off school also means later bedtimes, so you don’t even have your evenings of adult time. It’s only normal for weight loss plans to take a back seat for a few months. We’re constantly on the go, spending quality time with our families, out and about at events and on vacations, and it’s perfectly reasonable to have sent the kids back to school and find yourself carrying a few extra pounds.

But, now they’re back, the excuses run out. It’s time to kick-start your weight loss journey to make sure you’re in top shape and healthier than ever in time for the festive period. Here are some top tips to help you.

Stick to a Plan

Dieting is tough. We know that we’re meant to eat healthily and that we need to have a balanced diet. But, there’s so much conflicting advice out there that it can be hard to get it right. Finding a diet that works for you means that you don’t have to think about what to eat and when. It’s all been worked out for you. This makes it much easier to stick to. Check out these weight loss Jenny Craig reviews to find out how well this plan can work.


To get the best results, you need to pair exercise with diet. As a mom, it can be hard to fit exercise in. But, remember every little thing you do counts. Walk the kids to school instead of driving, play soccer with them in the park or have a dance in the kitchen while you cook dinner. Adding activity to your day doesn’t have to mean big workouts at the gym.  Consider an activity tracker to help.

Set Realistic Goals

Having goals is a great way to motivate yourself to carry on. You may want a big end target, such as fitting into a new pair of jeans or hitting a certain weight, but you should also set yourself small, achievable goals along the way. This could be something small like being able to run up the stairs without getting out of breath. Try to avoid making all of your targets about your weight.

Be Honest with Yourself

One problem many people have with diets is that they lie to themselves. Eating a biscuit or cake that no one knows about now and then or nibbling on the kid’s leftovers; it all counts, even if it’s not recorded. If you do have a blip, be honest and make up for it with some extra exercise or a few good days.

A weight loss plan doesn’t need to be boring and can easily fit into your busy lifestyle. Just make sure you find a plan you enjoy and stick to it!




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