Dressing as an Active Mom

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beautiful mom and daughter outdoor in garden together with flower have fun and hug

Every child wants an active parent who will take them to the park and get involved in having fun instead of watching from the side lines. You can tie up your gym shoes and eat a healthy breakfast so that you are able to keep up with your kids, but you also want to ensure that you don’t end up with irritation because of your clothing. Busy moms need a wardrobe that includes comfortable bras that aren’t tight in the wrong places or have straps that slip out of place. Include comfortable bras in your repertoire so that you can be spontaneous with your children, enabling you to have fun without limitations. Here are a few of the items that every busy mom needs to put on before having an active day with their kids.

Comfortable Underwear Basics

If you’re going to be running after your kids all day, you want to wear undergarments that will keep everything in place. Whether you are well endowed or have a more athletic build, a supportive bra is an absolute necessity. You may want to find bras that don’t have any underwiring and are made up of elastic so that you don’t have an embarrassing moment as you jump headfirst into the ball pit with your kids. Full cut briefs are also recommended for physically active moms, as they are less like to shift and ride into uncomfortable places.

Supportive and Athletic Footwear

Even if you don’t like to wear sneakers, you can find supportive footwear that leaves your feet feeling great at the end of your busy day. Flat shoes can provide support for your arches while conveniently giving you the option of sliding them on or off. There are also sneakers that look more like wedges and casual shoes than running shoes. Just put whatever happens to feel most comfortable on your feet before embarking on a day at the amusement park or climbing up and down trees.

Wear Useful Accessories

Leave your cell phone in the car and put on your fanny pack to keep snacks, tissues, and hand sanitizer available for your active family. Some accessories can be very useful to active moms and their kids while they’re playing together. Don’t wear any valuables that can snag or get tangled up while spending quality time with your children. Keep extra hair bands available so your hair doesn’t fall into your face as you jump up and down on a trampoline with your kids in tow. Busy moms might be the best candidates for smart watches for organization and time keeping purposes. Keep your accessories simple and only choose the ones that have the most practical usage.

Stop to think if your outfit will keep you feeling comfortable all day before you do any physical activities with your kids. You don’t want to let your wardrobe become an excuse for not having the ability to feel like a kid again. One day, your children might be asking you for fashion tips, but in the present, dress for fun rather than looking like a starlet.

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