It’s a Jungle in There! – Building a New Dad Survival Kit

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Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s such a great time to appreciate the dads in our life and how much they mean to us.  It can be an even extra-special time of year for new dads or new dads to be.  Any parent will tell you that being a brand new parent can be intimidating, and that’s why it’s such a great time to put together a great dad-themed gift basket for the new dad in your life.  We put together a dad-themed basket that is DEFINITELY dad-friendly! We chose a jungle theme because being a new parent can FEEL like you’re trying to navigate a jungle!  This would be a perfect gift for a joint baby shower to show that you’re thinking of dad too – so make sure to think about choosing non-traditional colors (i.e. not pastel pink and blue).   


We started out with a giant bucket from the hunting section of our sporting goods store.  As a mom, I’m not sure what a bucket is used for in hunting but it makes a GREAT base for our gift basket.  Then, we filled the bottom of the bucket with something every new dad will need in spades: baby wipes and baby safe laundry detergent. We also added a fun hunting cushioned seat, for all of those long nights up rocking the new addition.

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Then, we added some fun jungle-themed blankets (love that minky soft one!), which serve as the perfect platform for the star of this basket, the VTech VM981 Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor with 1 Wi-Fi Camera, 5” Touch Screen (more on how this is the PERFECT new Dad gift shortly).  We finished up with some cute jungle themed baby hats, filled with Dad’s favorite candies to help power through long nights!

Now…more on the VTech VM981…this is a Dad’s ideal baby monitor! You can pick up this monitor from Amazon, and it’s frankly one of the coolest monitors we have seen.  First of all, Dad is going to be a hero, because this monitor is crazy easy to install.  Unlike some systems, this one is pretty minimal in terms of parts – and NO assembly required.


To set up, you simply charge it, and then hook it up to Wi-Fi.  The crystal clear touchscreen guides you every step of the way!


Another reasons this is perfect for the jungle-themed basket – what new dad doesn’t love a baby monitor with NIGHT VISION.  Yep, you can check in on your baby remotely through the touchscreen at nighttime without going into their room.  Motion alerts allow dad to check in on his baby in real-time through either the touch screen parent unit, OR through the new MyVTech Baby app for Apple iOS and Android.  How perfect is this for date night?? 

I think what I love most about the VM981 as a gift for new dads is that it is expandable.  As families grow, the system can be expanded to support nine cameras for more home coverage.  I can even seeing using this with older children, especially latch key kids who may have some time after school alone. The VTech VM981 is truly a product that will carry you family through the years, and allow you to check in to make sure they are safe and sound!  

If this VTech monitor doesn’t fit the needs of the new parent in your life, VTech has a huge range of baby monitors that allow new parents to choose the best unit for their family.  You can find more information about the VM981 and VTech monitors here!


How are you celebrating Father’s Day this year?  Is there a new dad in your life that the VM981 would be perfect for?



  1. My Teen Guide says

    V-Tech is a great brand for baby monitors. I know my younger cousins can attest to how it helped them through their first born’s first few months. It is also durable enough that they were still able to use it for the next child.

  2. says

    I think this new dad kit is adorable. Great products for a new dad everyone always focus on the mom and what to get her but the dads need to get stuff too and get involved!

  3. says

    Love it… New dad survival kit. We usually think of the mother when a new baby is born and forget that dads are also experiencing everything for the first time! Not easy! The monitor looks very easy to use!

  4. says

    I remember when we had an baby shower for my officemate. Almost all the gifts are made of V-tech. We have one thing in mind that is common. That it is expensive but indeed a quality product.

  5. says

    V-tech is a very trusted brand that I knew I guess many years ago. I have cousins who even use the things that their oldest siblings. Indeed such a quality product.

  6. says

    Aw that’s a cute idea! My kiddos are too older for monitors, but back when I had mine there was nothing quite this cool–night vision! My husband would have gotten a kick out of it!

  7. says

    I need to do this for my son! He and his wife are expecting their first baby and this gift would be perfect – along with all of my unsolicited advice. :)

  8. says

    What a creative way to gift a dad at a baby shower! I really love how you put this all together. We had a vtech monitor for our son when he was a baby 8 years ago and we thought it was one of the best gifts. It worked really well. Can’t believe how advanced technology has gotten in just a short amount of time!

  9. Robin rue says

    This is actually a really good idea. That vtech Monitor is great. I think every parent should have one.

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