4 Things to Consider Before Having Another Baby

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After having children, some people decide that they don’t want to have anymore; however, months or years go by and this decision changes. There are many reasons why people decide to have another child, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice. Before you and your significant other decide to start trying to make a baby, it’s important to consider a few factors before you make your final decision. Here are four considerations you should think about before having another baby:

  1. Money

Babies are expensive. In fact, according to CNN, middle-income families can expect to pay almost $250,000 to raise a child. Sure you won’t have to dish out that quarter of a million dollars at once, but that’s a significant amount of money that could go to a retirement fund or other needs around the house should you opt not to have another kid. If money is something that worries you or stresses you out, then maybe now is not the time to have another child.

  1. Workload

Raising children is tough, and adding more to the mix is even tougher. Before you consider having another child, decide if this is something you can handle right now. Is your job demanding, and will you have a hard time getting the necessary time off work? Can you afford not to work right now? Will you lose out on a promotion for having another child? There are plenty of factors to consider. Basically, if you’re going to have another child, you want to be sure you’ll be able to spend time with that child. Don’t have another one if you’re never home or if you have too much going on with your current family members to add more chaos to the mix.

  1. Health Issues

Some people say that having a healthy baby is all that matters. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that this will happen. Should your baby be born with an illness or disease, will you be able to properly care for that child, both mentally and financially? If there is an underlying risk of illness in your child due to family history, maybe it doesn’t make sense for you to have another one. However, if you are able to handle that issue should it arise, then maybe having another baby is in your future.

Aside from the risk of your child having health issues, you should also factor in any health issues that may arise with your or your spouse. For instance, if you’re a woman over 35, having a baby carries significant health risks to both you and the baby. This is something you want to consider.

In addition, if you or your spouse had tubes tied or a vasectomy, then having a child will require you to undergo tubal reversal or vasectomy reversal, and this will not only cost money, but may also come with some additional risks. If you want to go this route, be sure to find a trusted doctor who can help ensure your procedure is smooth and that you will have little to no problems once it’s over.

  1. Future

Before having another child, think about your future. For instance, did you have dreams of retiring early or moving away after your youngest goes off to college? If there’s a big age gap between your children, then you’ll have to put these future dreams on hold. If this isn’t something you want to give up, then maybe you should stay away from adding another child to the family. If you are perfectly fine with putting your dreams on hold to raise another child, then get to work.

Having another child is a big decision, so before you decide to add to your family, be sure to consider the above-mentioned items first. Sure, all babies are a blessing, but you don’t want to put your family or your future in any type of risk to do so. Talk openly with your partner and ensure you’re making smart decisions.


  1. says

    It’s really important that you’re financially ready for a baby. I think it’s one of the main factors that you should look into before you have another child. It’s important that you have enough money to support all of your kids.

  2. Debra Hawkins says

    For us the biggest deterrent has been health issues for sure. I have more than my fair share so we are so hesitant.

  3. says

    My husband and I are definitely in the money pool. We don’t feel like we could afford a child at this time while I have student loans and he is currently attending.

  4. says

    These are all the things I’m considering at the moment as my little one turns 18months. So many people are encouraging us to have another one ASAP and others say wait! It is a hard decision that is for sure.

  5. says

    I know I had a lot of thoughts in my head when I considered having another child. But truthfully the thing that was most important was considering how well I was relating to my spouse at the time.

  6. says

    These are all great points. I’ve got one child and thankfully so. I’m a divorced single mom and I know there is no way I could have afforded more than that on my own. Heck, now that he’s a teenager, I can barely afford it! lol

  7. says

    I agree with all of this. This is why we stopped at 2. For starters my husband is 12 years older than me and decided after our second that he didn’t really want anymore. Second, funding college for kids is a big concern of mine I really want my kids to have a good start and go to college and the more kids you have the less likely you’ll be able to fund all their college educations. You can hope for scholarships or just let kids figure it out for themselves, but I’d feel guilty if I didn’t have anything saved for my kids. Money is a big factor in why we stopped at 2.

  8. says

    I know families are getting smaller. Always nice to prepare. Our babies arrived, happy for every single one of them. We raised them. Wasn’t a difficult decision.

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