5 Fabulous Ideas for Creating an Outdoor Environment for the Family

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With winter soon giving way to balmy temperatures, you’ll probably be spending a significant amount of time outdoors. Creating a great outdoor environment for the family makes your time outside all the more enjoyable. Whether you have a large amount of room or your backyard is limited on space, the following are five fabulous ideas.

1. Put Together Family-Centric Pieces
Your outdoor living space should be designed with everyone’s needs in mind. If you have children, put out their own chair-and-table set that can accommodate their smaller bodies. Your outdoor furniture should also create a homey environment with sofas and chaise loungers. Since the furniture will be outdoors, make sure the material and fabrics are weatherproof and can withstand whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

2. Add Plants and Other Outdoor Vegetation
Plants are an inexpensive way to decorate your yard space. Gardening is also an amazing hobby that you can share with your children. Choose greenery based on the amount of light and space surrounding your home. A mixture of plants and flowers will add the perfect blend of color and beauty. If you have room, include a garden where you can grow vegetables, herbs, and berries. You can live outside peacefully by removing insects that are putting a damper on your backyard fun. Pesky outdoor invaders such as mosquitos may transmit harmful diseases. While citronella plants, marigolds, catnip, and ageratum deter the bugs and act as a natural repellent, hiring a professional to eradicate the bug population helps keep the thirsty bloodsuckers away. This means you’ll get to spend more time outdoors tending to your garden.

3. Add Colorful Accent Pieces
When you’re planning out your outdoor living space, don’t be afraid to go colorful. Choose accent pillows, cushions, and an outdoor floor mat in vibrant colors. You can also choose tropical-themed prints with outside staples such as plates, napkins, glasses, placemats, and serving containers. If you have a brick patio or deck where you’ll be spending time outdoors, accent touches such as torches, candle holders, pots, vases, and ornamental pieces can add the perfect touch.

4. Play Area
The backyard is a place where your children should play and let off steam. Designate a section in the yard where your children can enjoy their own activities. If your child loves to get their hands dirty, a sandbox with toys allows them space to construct castles. Wooden playsets are more natural looking and come equipped with various activities such as a swing, slide, and bars to climb. Playhouses and cottages are ideal spots where your child can let their imagination soar. While you want your child to have their own area to play, you don’t want the play pieces to become an eyesore. Before you begin to purchase, put a plan in place based on style and size.

5. Incorporate a DIY Vibe
Try to incorporate at least one or two DIY projects to your backyard living space. This allows you to involve your children in the process and offers you a sense of accomplishment for getting your hands dirty. If you want to start small, construct easy-to-assemble bird feeders. Whether you hang them from a backyard tree or build a post and attach, you can observe the various species you attract with the feeders. Pallet flower and vegetable gardens are other projects that can be easily handled for a fraction of the cost. The internet and sites such as YouTube have great instructional videos and ideas if you’re unsure of the look or materials needed. If you have a backyard, you want to transform your outside space into something fun, fabulous, and homey. The above ideas will provide you with the right inspiration and include your children in the process of creating an outdoor environment you’ll love.

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