Square Cash Makes Holiday Cash Transfer Easy

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If your holiday is anything like mine, so far it’s been BANANAS.  It feels like every day we have some even going on, and we are definitely playing catch up when it comes to holiday shopping.  We just got started planning our work Christmas party yesterday! This is a general frenzy of deciding who will pick up gifts for our administrative staff, who will make reservations, who will buy  and make food, etc. etc.  This year, however, at least one thing is easier – handling money transfers between family and friends.

The Square Cash app is my secret weapon this holiday season.  The Square Cash app makes it SO easy to transfer money between family and friends! 


The Square Cash app has instant deposit and allows you to transfer across different banks.  This makes it super easy to deal with holiday party planning.  For example, if I pick up cards and gift cards, it’s very easy to set up my $Cashtag in the Square Cash app, pass that along to my coworkers, and they can easily transfer their share to me!  This makes it so easy to split up tasks for holiday party planning – one person can grab decorations, another food, and another can hit up the liquor store!  It’s so easy to Square up after the fact with the Square Cash app!


The Square Cash app makes everything at the holidays easier.  Big holiday dinner out with the girls – split the check easily with the Square Cash app.  Buying holiday concert tickets?  Get your money back from a friend with a few clicks on the app!  It’s even great for sending a quick gift to family or friends who are far away.  It’s also great for carrying out routine tasks like paying rent and utilities among roommates. 


The Square Cash app is simply and easy to use!  Make sure to check it out today – learn more at their website, or download the app for either Android or iOS.  



  1. Brandy Trover says

    This is the first time I have heard of this app. Sounds something like Paypal. I will definetly be checking it out.

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