Become the Best Parental Role Model

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You are your child’s No. 1 role model. They see you navigate through life on an everyday basis, which is why it’s important that you are conscientious of your actions and set a positive example for them. There are little acts you can integrate into your day which will help your kids develop a sense of how they can lead a healthy and happy life. Here are some ways you can set a good example for your kids.

Healthy Eating

Good eating habits are the cornerstone for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. Make sure you teach your kids the value of nutrition, through implementation of meals mainly composed of fresh fruits and vegetables. Have your kids pick out their favorite natural food items when you go to the grocery store so they can connect with what they’re eating. Track your family’s meals on your smartphone so you can share with your kids the nutritional goals that you all met. Utilize a phone that has an accurate health app and is user friendly, like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus from T-Mobile.

Bedtime Habits

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of brain and body growth, as well as physical and mental restoration. In order to maintain healthy sleep habits, create a strict bedtime schedule for your children and yourself to follow. Integrate positive practices at night, which will help you fall asleep faster. Restrict any screen use an hour or two before bed, that means abstaining from checking email on your smartphone, finishing scheduling on your tablet or watching television.

Athletic Activities

Keep active and lead a physically active lifestyle, which will serve as an example for your kids. You can even create family fitness time, where you all spend an evening playing frisbee at the park, tennis at the community courts or soccer on the local pitch. Athletic activities are a great way for your kids to get to know their bodies, develop good recreational habits and also expend their energy. Plus, physical activity will improve your mood and help relieve stress.

Dealing With Stress

You know how stressful it feels when you have many obligations that you must juggle. Help your kids learn about organization and prioritizing so they can work through their school assignments and other tasks. Utilize a planner or calendar that will allow you to list all your to-dos and sort out your daily and weekly schedule. Make sure you check off your to-do list once you’ve finished a project, so you can keep track of what’s left.

Optimistic Outlook

A positive outlook on life will increase productivity and overall happiness. Your children should be equipped with skills that will help them determine their own emotions and find the silver lining. If your kids are bogged down by external influences that have a negative impact, they will lose their motivation and project negativity themselves. Refrain from negative self-talk or emotional criticism of others. Create a gratitude board where you focus on the positive people and occurrences within your life. You can list what you’re grateful for every day or week, and leave it up for the family to see. Have your children also make a written note for the board about what they’re thankful for.


  1. Rosie says

    This is so true, you could put tape over your mouth and never say anything, they will learn by observation. It reminds me of when I was helping out at the church nursery, and a toddler came in, and threw his little satchel down and promptly announced “oh my aching back,” obviously imitating mom or dad throwing down their briefcase and grabbing his back like they must do!

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