Tips for First Sleepovers

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My youngest daughter is SO looking forward to going back to school so she can catch up with her friends, meet her new teachers, and get back to the fun activities that come with being in school.  One her favorite activities is sleepovers, but it wasn’t always the case.  I think all kids are different when it comes to when they are ready for sleepovers.  My older daughter would probably have been ready for a sleepover at age 5 she was so independent.  My youngest was definitely more of a late bloomer.  So here’s a few tips on how you can prepare your child for their first sleepover.  


1.  Wait Until Your Child is Ready

Don’t push your child into a sleepover until he’s ready.  You might try some trial runs with family members first – but don’t be surprised if your child has some apprehension.  If your child backs out at the last minute, try not to make a big deal out of it.  Be supportive, and give your child plenty of time to get used to the idea.

2.  Pack Carefully

Make sure that your child has everything that they need for the sleepover.  Bedtime rituals are especially important, so if your child has a favorite stuffed, animal, blanket, medications, etc., make sure to pack them and let the hosting parent know…if you forget this step, it’s a pretty sure bet you’ll get a call.

3.  Try Not to Worry

First sleepovers can be hard on parents too.  Make sure that you ask all the questions you need to be comfortable regarding supervision, including who will be watching and if you have lifestyle concerns (e.g, does the family have guns?) that you may have.  These are not things that you want to be worrying about in the middle of the night.  

4.  Plan for Accidents

If your child is younger, they may suffer from nighttime bedwetting, which can make a sleepover an exercise in anxiety.  No child wants to be embarrassed by bedwetting.  The good news is that GoodNites® can come to the rescue. GoodNites® are the leading competitor in nighttime protection for children.  They have zone protection, and can help take away the embarrassment that your child may feel about bedwetting – whether they are at home or at a sleepover!  Unlike potty training, nighttime bedwetting is not something that kids can train out of.  That’s why GoodNites® is great – it’s made especially for children ages 4-12 who experience nighttime bedwetting.  They also have fun designs, so kids will love them!


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  1. says

    My kids are 4 and 11 and they’ve never experienced a sleepover with friends. They have done them with their cousins though and had a lot of fun. Now that they are much older bed wetting isn’t an issue but I used to be worried.

  2. christina aliperti says

    Trying not worry is probably the hardest one. Sometimes it’s more scary for the parents than it is for the kids, lol.

  3. says

    Sleep overs are fun and it will always be a part of our childhood! I think it’s important to wait for your child to be comfortable with the idea of sleeping over before you allow them. It’s better if they’re ready. These are great tips!

  4. says

    These are all great tips for first time sleepovers, I remember my first sleep over. IT’s those memories from childhood that are awesome!

  5. says

    I remember the first sleepover for all of my girls. I think I was more worried about it than they were. But they had a great time and it all was fine.

  6. Dee says

    I love the fact that you mentioned to not push your child into a sleep over until they are ready for it. That is important because you want it to be there choice so that they can enjoy it and fun with the choice they made.

  7. says

    We have yet to agree to any sleep overs outside of our home. We have had a couple of sleep overs here in our hoe and I’m always super nervous about them. I like all your tips, but am still not too keen on my kids slpeeing at someone’s home.

  8. Angelic Sinova says

    I never my first sleepover like it was yesterday! I was so excited to stay up all night painting each others nails, watching movies and eating junk food. I definitely agree that it’s best not to worry and to wait when your child is ready before they go to a sleepover.

  9. says

    Thank you for these tips. My kids are all grown up now and when they were younger, they did enjoy these sleepover activities. I agree with you that it is always best to prepare for “accidents” and Good Nites will give the kids a more restful, confident sleep.

  10. says

    I remember when my kids would have sleepovers at our house. It’s such a good idea to plan for accidents when hosting a sleepover. No one wants to get up in the middle of the night to change the sheets. These are all great tips.

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