Celebrate Safe Kids Day and Make Your Home Safer

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. All opinions are 100% mine.


As a parent, I think my primary job is to keep my kids safe.  As they get older, I find that while we have passed the babyproofing stage, new dangers present themselves.  As parents, it can be hard to stay informed and make sure that you are following best practices in safety, both home and while traveling to keep your kiddos safe.  That’s why I’m so excite to share with you that Nationwide is partnering with Safe Kids Worldwide to host a Safe Kits Day to help educate parents like us on the safety risks around your home so that you can help prevent your child’s injury, or sadly, death, as accidental injuries is the leading cause of death of children.  

Safe Kids Day is going to take place across the country, and there will be events happening locally that you and your children can participate in.  Check out the Safe Kids Day website to find Safe Kids Day locations.  Events are already happening and will take place through May and June 2016, so find out how to get involved today!

In addition to celebrating at a local event, you can take action by creating your very own safety checklist with #MyHigh5.  You start by visiting the Make Safe Happen website and downloading their app. The cool part is that you can customize based on your child’s age, room location, etc.  I was most interested in checking out tips for my 9 year old – and they hit the mark with topics like helmet safety and bounce house safety tips.  Here’s an example of what a High 5 Safety Checklist looks like – and the app makes it super easy to track your progress.  


Nationwide and Safe Kids have also developed a check list related to four critical safety areas:  check them out here!

  • Secure TVs and furniture to the wall using mounts, brackets, braces or wall straps to prevent tip-overs.
  • Be attentive when your children are near water, including baths, hot tubs and pools. Teach them never to go near or into water alone – an adult should always be present.
  • Install a smoke alarm AND a carbon monoxide alarm on every level of your home, including your basement, and place them near sleeping areas. Test both types of alarms monthly and replace batteries annually.
  • Prepare a fire escape plan, and make sure your family knows what to do and where to meet in case of an emergency. Practice the plan twice a year – the goal should be to get out in under two minutes.
  • Store household products like bleach, detergents, laundry packets, dishwasher liquid or cleaning solutions in their original containers, locked up and out of children’s sight and reach.

Plus, you can see them in action in Nationwide and Make Safe Happen’s video:

So what do you say?  Will you join me, Nationwide, and Make Safe Happen to help make your home safer for your kids?  I know I am committed to making sure that my home is safer for my two girls – they are the most precious thing in the world to me, and keeping them safe is my number one priority!

What safety tips resonate with your most?


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