Do You Know About the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program?

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* This post was sponsored by the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.

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For the past three months, I’ve been super excited to share with you the benefits of the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program, highlighting the changes to the program, and providing you with some great dental tips for your children! It’s been a great time to focus on making sure that our family is doing all that they need to do to keep their teeth in tip top shape.  This month, March, is “Did You Know” month for the MetLife TRICARE Dental program!  Keep reading to learn some more awesome facts about the MetLife TRICARE Dental program!  For those of you who missed our earlier posts, the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is available to active duty, selected reserve (SELRES) or individual ready reserve (IRR).

  1.  You have lots of choices!

Members in the MetLife TRICARE Dental program access to one of the largest civilian dental networks with over 250,000 locations to choose from!  Chances are, you’ll be able to find a dentist that your family clicks with when you have so many choices.

       2.  You have to enroll to get benefits!

Even if your sponsor automatically has TRICARE medical, you have to enroll in the dental program! 

Remember, there are LOT of east ways to enroll! You can enroll on the phone, online, fax, or through the mail.  To enroll by phone, you can call 1-855-638-8371 CONUS, 1-855-638-8372 OCONUS, or 1-855-638-8373 TDD/TTY.  You can fax a completed Enrollment Authorization documentto 1-855-763-1337, or mail a completed enrollment form to MetLife TRICARE Dental Program, P.O. Box 14185 Lexington, KY 40512.

       3.   Coverage is Affordable! 

MetLife TRICARE Dental premiums are competitively priced, there are no annual deductibles or co-payments, and you can get low or no cost-shares on many dental services including diagnostic and preventative services.

      4.  You Can Protect Your Kids from Accidents!

The MetLife TRICARE Dental Program has an Accidental Annual Maximum of $1,200 per beneficiary per plan year! This is awesome for parents with active kiddos who play sports, like mine do.  You never know when a random bump is going to lead to some hefty bills, and the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program helps you prepare!

     5.  It will Work with Other Carriers!

The MetLife TRICARE Dental Program will coordinate with other supplemental dental carriers, but make sure to compare your current plan with the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program!

So there you have it – it’s been such an awesome thing for me to be able to share the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program with you!  I hope all of you active duty, reservists, and other eligible sponsors take a look and see if the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is right for your family.  And for those of you non-military members, it’s always a great idea to take a look at your coverage and see if it is meeting your needs.  After all, dental health is an important part of your family’s overall health – so take care of those chompers!

If you have additional questions, you can visit MetLife TRICARE Dental’s website or call the toll-free customer service number at 1-855-638-8371, and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well!


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