Puppy Pet Photography (An Exercise in Futility?)

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I have been a semi-professional photographer for about five years, although I haven’t done a lot of work over the last year as the demands of my job and blogging have cut into my time.  But when I was working regularly, I photographed a lot of weddings, engagements, and family portraits.

I thought taking pictures of babies and toddlers was hard.

And then, I got a puppy.  Ollie.  A gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniel sweet little button of a dog.  He’s really cute.  I wanted to take pictures of him.  So I got out my camera.  I tried to take cute pictures.  I ended up with a LOT of pictures like this:





They are  not beautiful portraits, but they sure do show his puppy zest for life!!  So what’s a photographer to do…well, first, I took a picture of my faithful, calm, wonderfully patient teacher of a rescue dog, Sunny.  She had a rough start to life, but now she’s a steady Eddy who lets Ollie wrestle, bite, and generally harass her, just like any good big sister.

She knows how to sit.



And if all else fails, puppies are like babies…if you hold them, they can only squirm so far!!!



He is awfully, cute, isn’t he?

Tell me about your pets!! Do you love yours like family, like we do?

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