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Everyone in my family has some kind of electronic in front of them it seems at all times. We all have cell phones that we use like our lives depended on it. I am as guilty as the rest of them though I run my phone constantly playing games or checking email and then wonder why I depleted my battery. This is always a terrible realization to have when you actually need the phone to make an actual phone call.
Instead of being in the situation where you need to make a call but your phone is dead getting a power stick for a back up plan is a great idea for all of us.
Batteries used to be a staple stocking stuffer, but with smartphones, tablets and other personal devices making the top of many kids’ wish list this holiday season, a newer, more efficient and portable power source will reign supreme in stockings  – power sticks.
That’s right, power stick are the new batteries and they’re a perfect complement to the aforementioned devices. The Justin Round Portable Power Stick is available in stores nationwide ($19.99 Target, Kohls, BonTon, etc) and is an easy accessory to pop in your pocket or backpack to add a quick charge to your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. The sleek and stylish Portable Power Stick comes in blue, purple, silver, black and red.
The Justin Round Portable Power Stick is affordable and a necessary item for all of us. I think I will get one for everyone this holiday season.


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One of our luckiest readers is going to win a Justin Round Power Stick just by entering below. You can keep this prize for yourself of give it away to a friend this holiday season.
What sucks the battery most on your phone? Tell us in a comment while entering the giveaway below!



  1. Nancy Loring says

    My battery always dies because I don’t have a good radio in my car so I am always using my phone to listen to music.

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