ROLLICK Game Review and Giveaway

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I received this item for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.


My family loves to play games together. We have played all of the classics time and time again. We are burnt out on most of them and are always on the look out for a new fun family type game. That is why I am so excited to find Rollick and to be able to share it with our readers. Plus keep reading to find out how to win your very own Rollick game.

The Game Chef is always cooking up fun and the game Rollick is no exception. Rollick gets everyone in on the fun, all 6 players will have a blast with this reverse charades type game. This is a team competition type game that has taken charades to a while new level. It’s a pretty simple set up and easy to play which makes it a great game for parties!  The box states that Rollick is the hysterical game of clues and collaboration, after playing this game with my family, I would have to agree with that statement.


This game includes over 750 clues which includes words for younger children and different variations to make sure that no two games are alike. You wont get sick of playing it in fact I think this is one of those instant classics that will have your guests talking about it for a long time. The game states ages 10+ but it even my 8 year old enjoyed it. I didn’t notice any inappropriate words or anything that would suggest she couldn’t join in on the fun.  It seems to me that as long as your children can read the clues and act them out they will love this game. If you only have a few players it would be easy to modify to accommodate any amount of players. My daughter liked it so much we decided to act out a few of the cards after the game was all done. That shows how much fun we had playing together!


Now try to imagine your kids, husband, parents, neighbors, or whomever you like to play games with trying to act out Roller skates as a group. Just the idea of that makes me giggle.  This game has given us some fantastic memories already and I know it will continue to do so for many years to come.

The Game Chef is giving away Rollick to one of our lucky readers.Enter below for your chance to get in on the fun. Check out their site by clicking here to see the great games they have to offer. Also be sure to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter. If you are not our winner, don’t fret because you can purchase your own game on Amazon by clicking here.


  1. Pam Reese says

    We love this game. It’s the best party game on the market for parties with family and friends. If you’re looking for a fun game – this is it! The review is spot on.

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