JC Jewelry Design necklace & Giveaway

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I received this item for the purposes of this review. Opinions are my own.


My father in law used to always say “I love you to the moon and back.” He has passed away but this saying will always remind us of him.  So whenever my husband and I see this quote on anything we feel like it is a message from heaven.  Everyone can relate to the saying because especially with our children, we love them to the moon and back again, no matter how crazy they make us sometimes. I love the sparkle the Swarovski brings to the necklace and the beautiful colors of the birthstones. That’s why when I seen this necklace from JC Jewelry Design I wanted to share it with all of our readers.


This sterling silver pendant is hand stamped with the famous quote and strung onto a chain of your choice. Choose from a cable chain, like the one pictured, or a box chain depending on which look you prefer. Also you have the choice of 16,18,20 inch chains.  I wear a lot of plunging necklines so I chose the 20 inch because it hangs in just the right place on me. Then you choose up to 4 Swarovski crystal birthstones. I chose Ruby, Diamond, and Peridot to symbolise my husband,my daughter and myself. Also the necklace boasts an adorable heart charm hanging with the  pendant and birthstones.


JC Jewelry Design has partnered with us on 2 giveaways. That’s right 2 of you reading this right now are going to win one of these necklaces with the  choice of chain length,chain type,and up to four swarovski birthstones of your choosing. So enter below for your chance to win and don’t forget to check out their sites to keep up with all of the new fashion trends and products.


Don’t forget about your mom, with Mother’s Day coming up this would make a great gift so head over to their site and start your Mother’s Day shopping early this year. Click here to check out their site. www.jcjewelrydesign.com


Check out their facebook and twitter, too!


  1. Robin Wilson says

    I would choose peridot for my son and myself and amethyst for my husband ~ to represent the family.

  2. Kimberly Bauer says

    I would choose February, June, August and November’s birthstones for my kids:)

  3. Robin Wilson says

    The birthstones I would choose are peridot and amethyst to represent my son and husband!

  4. Karen Glatt says

    I know that I am getting a Sapphire for my birthday, a diamond for my sister’s birthday,and a ruby for my mom’s birthday. And a another diamond to go with it.

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I am getting my birthstone of Sapphire, and I am getting a diamond, and a ruby!

  6. Karen Glatt says

    I know that I am getting a Sapphire for my birthday, a diamond for my sister’s birthday,and a ruby for my mom’s birthday.

  7. Karen Glatt says

    I will be choosing a Sapphire, and diamond ruby! These are for my family’s birthdays!

  8. Karen Glatt says

    I am choosing a sapphire for my birthstone. ruby for my Mother’s Birthstone, and diamond for my sister’s birthstone.

  9. Robin Wilson says

    Peridot and Amethyst because they are the birthstones of me, my husband and son.

  10. Karen Glatt says

    I know that I am getting a Sapphire for my birthday, a diamond for my sister’s birthday,and a ruby for my mom’s birthday.

  11. Vera K says

    I would choose the birthstones for May, August, September, and December to represent my family members.

  12. Robin Wilson says

    Not only do amethyst and peridot look lovely together, they are my husband, son and my birthstones!

  13. Christina Ferguson says

    I would choose a Garnet, Blue Topaz, Diamond and Aquamarine. These are the birthstones a my children and my fiance. :)

  14. Karen Glatt says

    I am choosing the diamond for my sister, and the Ruby for my mother. That is their birthstones.

  15. Robin Wilson says

    I would choose August for me and my son and February for my husband! My son is grown, but it would be a constant reminder that he is always with me.

  16. Karen Glatt says

    I am going to pick the September Sapphire birthstone because that is my birthday birthstone. I am picking a diamond because that is my sister’s birthday. I am picking July ruby birthstone for my Mother’s birthday, and the last birthstone is August Peridot for my brother’s birthstone.