The My Spy Birdhouse Review

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I received The My Spy Birdhouse for review purposes. Opinions are my own.

The My Spy Birdhouse Review My whole family was excited to receive the newest addition to our bird watching collection, The My Spy Birdhouse. This birdhouse is coveted by bird watchers because it lets you see the birds in their natural element without disturbing them or letting them know you are there.

The My Spy Birdhouse Review

This birdhouse attaches to your window with 3 suction cups. If it is extreme weather when you receive your birdhouse you may want to use the included double-sided tape to attach to your window. I tried to use the suction cups but it is negative 20 degrees here in Iowa so they froze as soon as I wet them and stepped outside. This wasn’t a problem at all because the double-sided tape really did its job!

The My Spy Birdhouse Review

These instructions were very easy to follow and the set up was a cinch. They really thought of everything, from the Do Not Disturb curtain to the list inside that shows which insert to use to attract which variety of birds. That was extremely helpful to me because I have a lot of chickadees in my yard constantly eating from my feeders. I feel like when it is Springtime and they are ready to have their babies they will be most likely to move into The My Spy Birdhouse.

The My Spy Birdhouse Review

I hung my new birdhouse in a window by our kitchen table so that we will get to see the activity throughout the day. Like I said it is negative temperatures out here now so I haven’t had a bird visit my birdhouse yet but I am confident tnat in the springtime this will be prime real estate.

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