5 Annoying Ailments And 5 Parent-Friendly Natural Treatments

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Parents knows that kids can bring home any number of ailments from school or play. Typically, parents reach for name brand, drug store medications, but that might not always be the best or easiest way to relieve your child’s symptoms. Using completely safe, all-natural remedies, I detail how to quickly get your child through five of the most annoying ailments without resorting to westernized medicine.

5 Annoying Ailments And 5 Parent-Friendly Natural Treatments
Problem Number One: Ringworm

Your child comes home from a play-date with friends covered in a red, ring-shaped rash that quickly spreads to other areas of her body. A quick Google search will reveal that your kid is suffering from ringworm. Ringworm is a fungus caused by skin-to-skin contact or contact with infected items. Traditional treatment involves OTC anti-fungal salves. However, these may not totally clear up the infection and they might also cause unwanted side effects. Your best option is to try tea tree oil and creams made from garlic extract. Both have high success rates and are not known to produce any serious side effects.

Problem Number Two: Sore Throat

Your child gets off the bus and runs through the pouring rain to your front door. His feet are soaked and he’s shivering. Later that night, he complains of a painful sore throat and difficulty swallowing. Traditionally, parents might reach for lozenges, Chloraseptic spray, or even Nyquil. However, there is an easier, completely safe way to bring your little one some relief. Specifically, layering honey and lemon slices in a jar and keeping them in your refrigerator is a great plan. The honey is a natural antiseptic and coats the throat, while the lemon breaks up any mucus to prevent coughing. Just add a heaping spoonful of the lemon honey to hot water, serve, and watch it work!

Problem Number Three: Pink Eye

Your child is sobbing. Her left eye is bloodshot, the area around it is red, and you can clearly see white pus coming out of the eye. Your child has a bad case of pink eye. Typically, you might call the doctor and obtain some prescription eye drops. However, there is a surprisingly better and faster way to treat the problem. For younger children, an eyedropper full of breast milk applied to the affected eye will have the symptoms cleared up within a few hours. Older children can be treated by applying raw goat or raw cow milk. Apply each time with a new, clean eyedropper to make sure the extremely contagious infection does not spread.

Problem Number Four: Bed wetting

It is a nightly problem and it is chipping away at your child’s self-esteem. Your child is a chronic bed wetter. Westernized answers to this problem include prescription medications, plastic sheets, or even night-time diapers. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to this issue. You could try acupuncture or chiropractic adjustment. Another great option is to use corn silk tablets.They are an all natural herb that can be taken in pill, tea, or tincture form.

Problem Number Five: Hemorrhoids

When your child is experiencing anal swelling and pain, it is a safe bet that they have hemorrhoids. Doctors and TV commercials will tell you to try topical creams, but they can cause side effects and not completely eradicate the problem. So, it would be best to go for a cure of hemroids symptoms with an all-natural treatment like Healing Natural Oil’s H-Hemorrhoid Formula Homeopathic Treatment. Unlike OTC topical creams, it contains no harsh chemicals. It is completely safe for children and an excellent value, as well. Furthermore, it works fast to completely soothe your child’s angry bottom.

Ultimately, treating common childhood ailments naturally provides your child with safe, side-effect free healing experiences. Although these remedies are completely safe, feel free to check with your doctor if your child is especially sensitive or you have any questions. Happy healing, natural moms and dads!

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