April 18, 2014

EDUTECH Throttle Motorcycle Review

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What it Is

The EDUTECH Throttle Motorcycle Review is a clear cased toy designed to show How it Works. When it is turned on you’ll see gears turning and can input different codes for different functions.


EDUTECH launched in 2012 and quickly became a hit. This product is a line of toys designed to target boys age 3+ to educate kids on the details of vehicles. It is meant to be educational versus video games and non stimulating activities.

There are two new additions to the line. EDUTECH has added the Throttle Motorcycle and the Journey Space Shuttle. Once your child engages the buttons, the toy springs into actions teaching the little ones what means what. Each toy includes an interactive storybook that allows parents and children to interact together.

There are 5 vehicles available to choose from including: The Throttle Motorcycle, the Journey Space Shuttle, Torch Fire Truck, Speedster Car, and the Apex Helicopter.

Main Features


  • Learn about over 10 features of a motorcycle and how they work.
  • Enter codes into the keypad to see each vehicle part come to life.
  • Real motorized action, Amazing 60 mph scale speed.
  • Program mode feature let’s children create 3 unique sequences.
  • Parent friendly volume control.
  • Remote transmitter compatible.
  • Includes interactive hard cover storybook.


  • Keep kids entertained for hours with multiple functions
  • Between the included book and the visible parts kids will learn how vehicles work
  • Encourages parents to play and interact with kids


  • The only con I can think of is that it takes batteries, but really that’s to be expected.


What I Think

I was expecting Connor to love the Throttle Motorcycle. Imagine my surprise when Rachel decided it was hers. She was instantly enthralled with the sounds and moving parts. She’s our little redneck girl!



She loves to put in the different codes (and make up her own) to see and hear the different functions. She will literally sit for hours with the Throttle motorcycle and play. She really enjoys reading through the book as well.

I think the Throttle Motorcycle would be a great toy for any kid this holiday season.


Recommended for children 3+, EDUTECH products range in price from $19.99 – $49.99 and will be available at Target and specialty retailers now throughout the holiday season.



For more information please visit: www.edutechkids.com.

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