Family Meals Made Simple with #KraftRecipeMakers #shop #CBias

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#KraftRecipeMakers #shop #CBiasWake the Kids. Feed the Kids. Clean the House. Work. Kids come home from  school. Take kids to Scouts. Take oldest to Soccer. Get Homework done. Feed the family.

That’s what a typical day for me looks like. Is there any question about why I love shortcuts when it comes time to make dinner? If I can cut even 5 minutes from the time it takes to prepare, cook and serve dinner you know I will. That’s why I love Kraft Recipe Helpers. They make dinner so much easier (and tastier) for me. What I really love about Kraft Recipe Helpers is that I don’t have to just follow the directions. I can get creative and make something just as yummy and just as quick. After all, they’ve done all the hard work for me.

Twisted Tacos #KraftRecipeMakers #shop #CBias

I’ve spent the week sampling different varieties of Kraft Recipe Helpers and the 2 recipes I’ll share are the clear winners from my guinea pigs family. The first I call “Twisted Tacos” because of the twist on the everyday taco. Yes, I’m a genius, I know :) I used the Kraft Recipe Makers for Tex-Mex Chicken Fajitas. Everything I needed was in the box. All I had to do was spend around 15 minutes browning the hamburger, draining it then adding the simmer sauce.

Twisted Tacos #KraftRecipeMakers #shop #CBias

I boiled my water for 1 bag of boil-in-bag rice while I was browning the hamburger! When I added the simmer sauce I put the bag of rice in the boiling water. I let the hamburger simmer in the sauce for 2 minutes then I added the salsa and cooked it for another  5 minutes.

Twisted Tacos #KraftRecipeMakers #shop #CBias I drained the rice and stirred that into the mix and dinner was done. We just needed to add cheese and any taco toppings. 15 minute dinner? Totally possible! And it made enough to feed everyone – that’s an accomplishment in itself.

Twisted Tacos #KraftRecipeMakers #shop #CBias

The other Kraft Recipe Makers favorite was the shredded BBQ chicken using the Hickory BBQ Beef. This one was made in the crockpot so my hands on work was limited to shredding the chicken.

#KraftRecipeMakers Shredded BBQ Chicken

To make the shredded BBQ Chicken I added 1/4 cup of water and 1.5 pounds of chicken breast tenderloin to my crockpot. I stirred in the Simmer Sauce and set it to low and let it cook for 9 hours. When time was up I used a pair of tongs to shred the chicken, it was incredibly tender so it didn’t take much effort at all. I added in the finishing sauce and left the crockpot on “keep warm” until it was time for dinner.

#KraftRecipeMakers Shredded BBQ Chicken

Everyone raved at how both meals tasted homemade. They definitely didn’t taste like something that came out of a box! Not to mention how happy I was to be able to sit down and relax for a change and not worry about what to cook. You have to love quick family meals!


  1. Donna says

    I’ve been meaning to try the Kraft Recipe Makers, but haven’t yet. I am adding them to my shopping list, right now.

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