Start Planning Your 2014 Summer Holidays Now

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Early Birds Catch Great Vacations Too!

You may have only just put the suitcases back in the attic, but you probably already wish it was time for another vacation. Sadly, there’s a while to wait for summer holidays 2014, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start looking around already. In fact, if you start planning now, it’s far more likely that you will get the vacation you want, at a price you would rather pay.

Find great deals

Summer HolidaysStarting early gives you a lot more time to shop around. When you are among the first people booking a holiday, the best early-bird deals will still be available and you can compare the offers on different sites, enabling you to make the greatest savings. This applies to both accommodation and flights, which means you can save even more, just by booking early. In fact, travel agents advise that the best time to book a vacation, if you are looking for a bargain, is about 11 months before you hope to travel.

Keep your options open

Additionally, by starting your search well ahead of time, you will have much more of an opportunity to explore a wider range of options. When you think ‘vacation’, you may automatically think ‘package’, but there are other ways to enjoy a break, such as by arranging a house-swap with a family elsewhere in the world, which you can investigate online. You could also try staying in a Youth Hostel, which is not just for the young or for singles, but provides family accommodation as well, or if you research well, you can find a resort that has everything you could possibly want on-site, in which case an all-inclusive family vacation could turn out to be the best-value option.

Summer Holidays

Haggle for a better price

If you are acting as your own broker, rather than booking via a travel agent, you should try offering the hotel a lower price. You might be pleasantly surprised as many places are prepared to take less money in exchange for a guaranteed booking. Hotels don’t like the thought of empty rooms. You can also try to arrange combined services, such as flights and transfers, for less money than if you were to book these separately.

Time to save

Of course, one clear advantage of booking very early is that it allows you to make the payments over a longer period of time, which would mean paying in smaller installments. By booking your 2014 summer vacation as early as you can, you could find yourself enjoying a getaway that is worth a lot more than you will end up paying for it.


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    My version of haggling is Priceline or Hotwire – we always ended up at decent hotels with a pretty good room for less than half the going rate anyone else is offering!

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