7 Tips to Remove Odors from Your Home

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Moving into a new home you usually don’t know much about the people that were there before. Some people get lucky and move into a newly built home with no previous tenants but others, like myself, move into a home where I have no clue who was here before. When you move into a home where someones else previously lived chances are some things will be left behind. My least favorite of those things? Odors.

Mildew, smoke, pets – you name it I’ve smelled it in our new house. It’s not a pleasant thing but luckily it’s not permanent either. There are a few tips I’d like to share with you on how to remove odors from your home. Whether your concern is affordability or keeping it green there’s an option for everyone to remove odors from your home!

7 Tips to Remove Odors from Your Home

#1 Seek and Destroy

Sometimes there is 1 or more sources for the odor. Rotting food in a corner, garbage in the vent, or *gasp* dead critters in the attic. Make sure none of these are your culprit for home odors.

#2 Let the Fresh Air Flow

Opening a window can be all you need to get rid of an old house smell. Mildew, mold and any other growth will need to be taken care of/removed to ensure the smell stays gone. As you move around the circulation will guide those odor causing particles to exit stage right.

#3 Drop Some Acid

The acid I’m referring to is vinegar and it is a miracle worker. Bring 1 cup of vinegar (I like white for the less intrusive smell) to a boil in an old pot. This is great for getting out the smell of old cooked, spicy, burnt well most foods. It will leave the house smelling like vinegar for a bit so make sure to open the windows afterwards.

Vinegar also works wonders on carpet odors (especially from those pesky pets who think it’s the bathroom)! Just dab some on to the offensive spot and rub. Rinse with warm water.

#4 Take Care of the Bathroom

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone sprayed, or at the very least lit a match, behind themselves in the bathroom? I know my nose would thank them. Since not all people are willing to destroy their offensive odors get something that will.

The Air Wick Plug-Ins are a great choice for this, they keep working whether the bathroom is occupied or not. Keep the door closed and let it work its magic!

#5 DIY Home Smell Makeover

Chances are you can create your own home aroma with what’s in your kitchen. Here are some DIY recipes to have your home smelling good in no time. The Buddha Aromatherapy Diffuser is a great option when using oils!

Citrusy: Slice some (2ish) oranges and lemons and place them in a cup of water on the stove. Bring to a boil. You can also put them in a potpourri pot with a tablespoon or 2 of water.

Spicy: Toss some apple cores with some cinnamon and bring them to a boil. You can also put them in a potpourri pot with 3 tablespoons of water. If apples aren’t your thing just stick to the cinnamon; use 3 – 4 sticks for a lasting fragrance.

Sweet: Use Vanilla Extract or any other extract to bring a sweet smell into any room. Just drop 1 – 2 drops on the light bulbs. You can do this with any essential oil, just be careful not to use oil that is flammable!

#6 Clean the Appliances

Have you ever actually smelled your washer? How about your dishwasher? If you don’t do regular cleaning cycles they can really smell bad. There are things you can get, like the Affresh tablets, that do the work for you. A cup of bleach will do the same thing! Just be sure to have the area well ventilated. Use the cup of bleach to run a regular cycle in your washing machine or dishwasher.

Use baking soda to keep the odors in your fridge at bay; open a box and sit in the back of the refrigerator.

#7 Light a Candle

This is my favorite way to bring yummy smells into the home. I’m crazy for candles and have tons at any given time. Just use common sense when lighting candles and don’t leave them unattended!

So, these are my 7 Tips to Remove Odors from Your Home, what are yours?


  1. patti fisher says

    omg love the oil on the light bulb here one i do other then the candles i put fresh herbs in the window seal to they dry out its a light crisp scent plus living on this island is like living on a ant hill lol so if you put a bay leaf in the seals it keeps ants and other creepy crawlys away also washing down your walls with a bleach solution works wonder dont forget your doors and handles using bleach also helps kill germs!!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love having candles. Unfortunately our house has no screens (landlord won’t put them in) so we can’t open the windows.

  3. says

    These are really great tips for making the house smell super fresh. Even better, I didn’t know about the boiling vinegar trick. Thanks so much

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