Curious George’s Town App Review & Giveaway

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Are  you a fan of the Man with the Yellow Hat? I am! He and Curious George have been a part of my life and my families life for, well as long as they’ve been around in the US! I remember learning so much from Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat, or Ted if you’ve seen the movie. The kids all love him (even the older ones) because he’s just so lovable!

Curious George’s Town App Review

From books to TV and video games, we thought George had done it all – and then he goes and gets an app. That’s right, the Curious George’s Town app is out and available on the iPhone and iPad. It’s geared towards kids 4 and up but my 3 year old niece absolutely loves it too.

Curious George’s Town App Review

In Curious George’s Town, the Man with the Yellow Hat guides users through each puzzle, game and task. There are actually several learning games/tasks within the app. These focus on letter recognition, sorting, following directions and more.

Curious George’s Town App Review

What I really love about this app, well besides the educational and fun factor, is the motivational factor. In the parents section (click on the piggy bank then the gold people in the bottom right corner) you can set up a list of 3 chores or tasks. Each time your child completes the chore or task you click the coin on the day of completion and they get an in-game coin.

Curious George’s Town App Review (3)

The in-game coins are very useful as they’re used to buy decor for the town. With Connor as obsessed with dinosaurs as he is he bought a few dinosaurs for his town. There are so many neat additions available and as they earn coins they get to buy more. It’s a wonderful reward system for them!

Curious George’s Town App Review

The Curious George’s Town App is something that, as a mom, I’m comfortable letting the kids play. I know they’re getting something out of it besides mindless fun. They’re actually having their brains tested and learning – which, as a mom, is a big thing for me. You can get Curious George’s Town in the App Store and your kids will love it!

Curious George’s Town Giveaway

We’re also giving away a Curious George prize pack! 1 winner will receive the following:

  • Curious George’s Town app
  • Curious George Builds A Home (or another paperback CG title)
  • Curious George Travel Activity Kit containing: A classic book, 3 stories on CD, an activity book, a card game, stickers and double-sided crayons.



  1. Emily Rose says

    I was a massive reader when I was a child (still am, but not as much) and I loved reading Curious George books during my lunch breaks.

  2. Jill Myrick says

    I remember being so excited to check a Curious George book out at the school library after the teacher had read one to us in class.


  3. Cassandra Eastman says

    I remember renting Curious George books from the library, and watching the move when it came out in theatres!

  4. Robin Wilson says

    My favorite memory would simply be reading the books and watching the cartoons with my son when he was little.

  5. Cathy Lipscomb says

    Reading my Curious George Treasury book at night, now I do it with my daughter. (I entered before but somehow it showed up as anonymous)

  6. says

    I love the color of your entry form! :) Anyway, my daughters love curious george and they love the episode where George tried to boil things and different foods from the chef’s kitchen because he got curious at the pasta turning into spaghetti. :)

  7. Jackie says

    My favorite memory is the book where George swallows the puzzle piece. I borrowed it from the library so many times as a kid.

  8. Janet W. says

    My favorite memory is watching it with my grandson for the first time. I loved watching his excitement for the show.

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