Maternity Tights And Other Must-Have’s

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When it comes to finding clothes during pregnancy, the task can be intimidating. Not only is it hard to find a new wardrobe that suits your style and doesn’t make you feel fat, but the idea of spending money on clothes you will only wear for a few months can be frustrating.

Maternity Must-Have’s

Some of the clothes are uncomfortable over the baby bump. Some of the clothes try to hide it and others just don’t fit your taste. Don’t despair. There are ways to create a simple and affordable maternity wardrobe that will not leave you rushing to the store at the last minute for that forgotten item.

The top 10 maternity must-have’s are:

top 10 maternity must-have’s

1.  Short sleeves. This goes for the winter as well as the summer. During pregnancy your body can go from hot to cold quickly and easily. Keep yourself in short sleeves to prevent yourself from getting too hot.

2.  Wraps. Invest in at least two cardigans to wear over your short sleeves. When you are cold you can just wrap yourself up in the cardigan, and once you are hot again you just pull it off.

3.  Tunic tops. A tunic top keeps the shape of your upper shoulders and chest looking nice while providing extra material over the tummy for future growth. There are regular and maternity on the market so you can choose what you think will work best for you in the long run.

4.  T-shirts. These are great for everyday comfort and you can find a number of maternity style t-shirts that leave room for your growing tummy. Depending on how casual you are you may only need one of these.

5.  Jeans and slacks. These are a must. Buy the pants that have the cloth to stretch over your belly so they are less likely to slip off. Most maternity pants do not have belt loops so the further over your tummy the cloth can stretch the better.

6.  A black dress. Yes, this might cost a little more but on those occasions when you need to dress up a black dress is versatile enough for any special occasion.

7.  A slim skirt. You are pregnant and should be proud. A slim skirt can highlight your baby bump or even make your pregnancy a conversation piece.

8.  Comfortable underwear. Planning ahead here is a good idea if you are breastfeeding. Instead of spending money on new bras for maternity, invest in some comfortable nursing bras that will not show under your low-cut shirts.

9.  Maternity tights. Yes, for your little black dress or your skirt. There are only three months out of the year where tights are not necessary, and a pregnancy will last through at least six other months. Fall, winter, and spring can be chilly on your legs so tights are important for the same basic reason as a wrap, warmth. Tights can also accentuate your legs while keeping any stretch marks you might have out of sight.

10.  Flats. Keeping your heels on hand is great, and I have known some pregnant women who claim to have worn their heels through the entire pregnancy. If you are anything like me, once you are on the move for a long day of being on your feet the last thing you want are heels, especially once you reach the third trimester. Heels are not only hard on your feet, but they can be a safety issue as well. You are more likely to fall in heels than flats, and that could cause potential harm to the unborn baby.

Though the list can still seem intimidating, shopping online sales and buying things in increments will help save money. Keep it simple. You only need one or two of any item on that list, it just might require you to make a little more time for laundry.

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