5 Great Tips for Building a Nursery

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There is never a more exciting time than becoming parents. It is full of discovery, overwhelming emotions and ultimately a love that is unrivaled. Congratulations on entering the next chapter of your lives. However, as with all new experiences, there are a whole new host of challenges that arise that can be confusing. One such choice is how to build your little bundle of joy’s nursery, which is a room that you and your child will get to know very well over the coming months. So, to help you make the important decisions, here are 5 top tips for creating the ultimate nursery this year.

Choose a theme

nursery This is the first step towards the nursery of your dreams, but it is often the hardest of decisions to make. Whether you know the sex of your child or not, the nursery needs to be a relaxed and calm place for your baby to rest, be fed or simply to play in when they get older.

There are any themes that work well: animals, princesses, pirates, etc., but the majority of these are for older children. So the first tip is to buy neutral items that will work whether you are having a girl or boy and will create a calming atmosphere. Look for nursery furniture in natural woods and then match the rest of the nursery in earth tones, beige’s and creams are the most popular choices.

Decorate with your own personalities

As you won’t know your little one personality yet, why not use this space to introduce your child to your personalities. Instead of bland pictures of cuddly toys, animals or the latest cartoon characters, why not use some of your favorite family photos. This could be your wedding photographs, pictures of your pets or simply just lovely images of mummy and daddy or grandparents, to show your child where he has come from. The same can be said for your favorite love quotations, maybe from your favorite novel or poem. This is a nice way to show off your loves in life.

By filling the space with lots of images and words about love, you will be creating the ultimate loving atmosphere, for little expense!

Start off with a Moses Basket

Cribs are expensive = fact. Although you can find cheaper cribs, whilst your new addition is still a newborn, a crib is an expense you can live without. There is something far more practical for you, the humble Moses Basket. The beauty of a good quality Moses Basket is that they can be moved around. You simply buy a basket and stand set, creating a small crib for the nursery and then when you need to be elsewhere in your home you simply detach the basket and take them with you. This Moses Basket from Littlewoods Nursery Furniture is a prime example of how pretty and functional they are.

Use furniture that has more than one function

nursing chairFurniture is going to be your largest expense, so you will want to make sure you get the most out of the items you buy. There are 2 things to consider when choosing your furniture; firstly it needs to have a lot of storage and secondly it needs to be functional. For example a full length wardrobe may look great, but it will have little use whilst your baby is still in tiny clothing.

There are many items of furniture, like this chest of drawers that offers space for nappies or clothing and that doubles as a changing station – perfect for those 2AM wake up calls! Also look for chairs that can be feeding areas and lighting that can change to a night light.

Have fun!

Last but not least, have fun. This is a time of celebration and joy, so don’t get stressed out about creating the ultimate bedroom, just add in a little personality and lots of love and you will get the room your little one deserves.

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