Young Love and Marriage: How Can You Help Your Kids Find Their Happy Ever After?

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It’s critical that parents talk to their children about love and marriage because young people, despite their ideals, often end up in broken relationships. That’s not something most young adult are prepared for. Parents need to discuss love and marriage with their children to prepare them for the future.

Young people still have romantic ideals

Young Love and Marriagerecent survey conducted by the Clark University in Massachusetts showed that 86% of young adults (aged 18 to 29) who are both single and married expect their marriages to last a lifetime.

It also showed that a lot of young adults, 60% to be more specific, are willing to sacrifice their careers just to make sure that their marriages work out for the better.

The interesting thing about this data is both men and women have this ideal. They still hold very conservative and romantic ideals. That’s why younger people are so excited to send out wedding invites to family and friends.

It’s interesting since young people today are career-driven and to be willing to give up a great career in exchange for a happy family is a pleasant surprise. This should put a smile on your face, if you’re a parent, because now you know that you have raised your kids well and have instilled in them the value of family and responsibility.

However, these ideals may not necessarily turn out well.

Young divorce is very common

The divorce rate for people who marry young is about 40-50%. It’s found that most marriages end before the age of 30. It’s not true that divorces are a “midlife phenomenon.” The most common reasons are differences in values and backgrounds, narcissism, and poor communication skills.

Even though younger people are more romantic and have these great ideals about love and marriage, most of them are not prepared once they get into marriage.

The role of parents in their children’s marriages

Young Love and MarriageThis is why you have to make sure you constantly talk to your kids about these 2 things.

However, parents must not just preach to kids about sacrifice and staying faithful. They also have to take a look at your own marriages and how kids see their relationship. They may not realize it, but parents can be hugely responsible for how their children’s marriages turn out.

Experts believe that children are more likely to “marry their parents.” This means young adults tend to find someone who’s more like their parents. This is because of familiarity.

A woman who has a responsible, loving, and faithful father is more likely going to look for the same traits in a boyfriend and husband. The same thing goes for a guy.

It’s not really hard to understand why. Kids will strive to have the same happy marriage they see from their parents so it’s very likely that they look for the same characteristics in their partners. It’s imperative you do your best to set a good example.

Author James Watkins shares some tips on how to ensure a happy marriage for young couples.

  • Common beliefs and values. These will form the solid foundation of relationships. No matter how different a couple’s backgrounds are, their values and beliefs will always bind them together.
  • Share common goal. Working together on one objective will inspire couples to see it through many challenges.
  • Try to find common interests. While this is the least important, having common ground will make things a lot lighter and happier for couples. It could be sharing the same passion for sports, hobbies, etc.

Getting wedding invites is one of the most exciting events for parents.  When that happens, you want to be certain that your child is geared up for a lifetime of happiness.This is possible when you’ve done a superb job in talking to them and setting the right example. That’s the best wedding gift you can give your child.

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