Kushyfoot Slippers & Socks Review

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How many of you wear shoes with heels to work? If that’s you do you really want to run errands after work in the same pair of heels? I know some people are use to them but for those of us who simply wear heels to torture ourselves appear more put together we want out of them ASAP. Ever tried walking through a grocery store with screaming kids, a wobbly cart and a pair of heels? It’s a sprained ankle waiting to happen. Luckily there’s a comfortable and fashionable solution!Kushyfoot

Kushyfoot sent me a pair of their Fleecy leopard print ballet flats to review.  These slippers can be worn in your home, or even for short periods outside – like a trip to the grocery store! Have you ever brought your slippers to work so you can easily slip out of those tight, uncomfortable work shoes? They don’t fit well in your purse, so you have to compromise with something larger. Kushyfoot slippers roll up and fit in your purse for those times when you can slip off your high heels, and be comfortable at work. Talk about a great idea!Kushyfoot

They have a great zig zag insole for comfort and textured outer sole for less chance of slipping on your linoleum or hardwood flooring. There’s also an elastic band at the heel that ensures a great fit each and every time you put them on your foot.  As a bonus, they also send you a great clear “purse” to put your slippers in, which means no dirt from outside, or foot particles will make it into your purse!

KushyfootKushyfoot also sells foot covers, knee highs, tights, and socks.  Oh, am I living in their socks – they’re so adorable, comfy and only  $13.47 for 3 pairs! You can check their website out to check out their clearance items, and all of the other great products that they offer.  These slippers are also very affordable, at just $9.99 a pair.  Slippers are expensive just about everywhere, and I’ve even seen them for up to $50 a pair!  These are just a fraction of that, and you can even wear them with business attire.Kushyfoot

Kushyfoot slippers are sure to become a favorite for comfort and great for if you need to get the mail, and don’t want to switch to your tennis shoes.  Just walk out the door, and get the mail, come back in, and you’re still just as comfortable as you were before you left. What I love most about Kushyfoot slippers and socks is that they stretch. If you have wider feet like I do, or have feet that have a tendency to swell Kushyfoot will still work! I wear a 10 wide shoe and the 9/10 Kushyfoot slippers and socks fit my feet perfectly. But don’t worry – even if you have small feet they will still fit amazingly.

Do you have a favorite pair of slippers? Have you tried Kushyfoot?Kushyfoot

Head over to the Kushyfoot website and check out the inventory. I dare you to try these out and see how amazing they are for  yourself! You can also connect with Kushyfoot on Facebook & Twitter to stay up to date on the latest styles, promotions and news.


Disclosure: I received the above products at no cost for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.

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