Bed Wetting – Save the Mattress with GoodNites Bed Mats

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Bed wetting is a common occurrence. 20% of children ages 3 – 12 wet the bed for whatever reason. This doesn’t mean they’re not potty trained or intentionally wet the bed. As we’ve grown to learn, sometimes accidents just happen. My son has night terrors which lead to the occasional bed wetting.

It’s hard on all of us when this happens, but especially him. He has an overwhelming need to please people and he’s disappointed in himself when this happens. We make sure to remind him it’s not his fault  and never make a big deal out of a bed wetting experience. There were several occasions where we didn’t find out about an episode for a week or so, which led to having to buy new beds.GoodNites The best solution I have found so far is the GoodNites Bed Mats. They are virtually unnoticeable and protect the mattress from any nighttime accident. They go on easily and come off easy, taking any night time accident with it. They’re able to go under or over the sheet so self-conscious children wont be embarrassed.

I’m beyond thrilled to be sharing more information on GoodNites Bed Mats over the next 2 months with you. I’ll be sharing how we deal with bed wetting and how we help comfort and show our son that it’s not an uncommon thing.

Check out my video below on how to put on and take off the bed mats. Excuse the mess, please. My sons room is a disaster area and at almost 11 years old I refuse to clean it for him. Walking room is essentially non-existent in there.

Do you worry about or experience bed wetting?

Check out GoodNites Bed Mats and let me know what you think.   I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of GoodNites. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.


  1. Rodney Davis says

    So many kids, and their parents too, get stressed-out over bed-wetting. There are reports from some experts out there that it can be a sign of other things, including social and emotional ones, that aren’t positive. I hope folks out there know that even though those reports are correct, its not really a concern for MOST parents. Although its doesn’t happen that often, there ARE normal kids out there who continue with this until after 10 or 11. Yet they adjust well and live happy, normal lives after that point.

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