Put an End to Stinky, Smelly Cigarettes

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When I was nagging asking friends and family what they wanted for Christmas I was surprised how many of them asked for electronic cigarettes. I know many of them were trying to quit but the habit of smoking is a hard one to break. It’s not only the nicotine but the act of smoking itself. Yes, it is a very disgusting habit – and quitting is a lot harder than non-smokers realize.

When we visit my grandmother’s house it’s like walking into a bar. There is smoke everywhere and it makes trying to breathe very hard. We don’t smoke in our house so when my son goes to a home where there’s indoor smokers it affects his breathing. My grandmother was one of the people who asked for electronic cigarettes as a gift. I gladly obliged!



Being able to take my son to see her without standing outside or expecting her not to smoke is a great thing. Not to mention we wont smell like a bar when we leave. She’s really enjoying it and while she says it’s stronger than her actual tobacco cigarettes she doesn’t miss them. She’s content with the electronic cigarette and has been able to cut back on her smoking significantly.

I still remember when smoking anywhere was legal; restaurants, retail stores and even grocery stores. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy my son wont be exposed to that when we’re out. Having the ability to get a quick nicotine fix legally without much effort is a nice perk to electronic cigarettes.v2

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