Resolving to Lose Weight with Kids

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It’s been on my to-do list for a while; dropping 100+ pounds. The main problem I’ve had is lack of support and temptation. In many dieting communities advice is given to get rid of all the tempting food and stock up on nothing but the “healthy stuff.” I have to wonder, do the people giving this advice have kids?

DeterminationWith the diet I recently started, the South Beach Diet, I’m very limited on what I can eat; at least for the first 2 weeks. It’s basically lean meats, eggs, most vegetables and nuts. No fruit, no grain, no added sugar. 

While some people may be able to ensure their kids survival on this diet, I cannot. The sheer thought of my son going 2 weeks with no fruit is crazy for me. Not to mention it doesn’t sound too healthy for a 10 year old boy. 

So, I had 2 choices if I wanted to stick to my New Year’s Resolution. I could clear the kitchen of all foods I’m not “allowed” and force my family to suffer through. OR I could suck it up and deal with the temptation. Of course I chose to suck it up and here I am on day 3 of the South Beach Diet. I haven’t cheated at all. Sure that may seem like no big deal to many people, but considering I’m a dessert loving fat chick it’s a big deal to me.

DeterminationI’ve fed my family more healthy meals, but not from my current way of eating. Last night they had a homemade lasagna with whole wheat noodles while I ate steamed broccoli and an overcooked chicken breast. For dessert they had chocolate chip cookies while I had a no sugar added Fudgecicle and  tablespoon of natural peanut butter.

It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. I do love my carbs, but I love my family more. That’s what I keep telling myself. I’m not only doing this for myself; I’m also doing it for my family. So I have more energy to spend playing with them. So I have the energy to walk with them and not have to sit down every 5 minutes. So I am in better health and more likely to live longer. I’m also doing this to prove them wrong; my son doesn’t believe I can do this. He’s seen me try and fail so many times before that it’s enough motivation to push through – to show him that it’s never okay to give up if something is within our ability. 

I’m resolving to lose weight with kids in tow, and I’m not giving in or backing down! I’ve lost 7 pounds (mostly water weight, I’m sure) in these last 3 days and that right there is enough to keep me pushing forward! If you have any words of wisdom or advice, encouragement or success stories – I want to hear them!


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