Littlest PetShop: Little Pets, Big Adventures!

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Released this past week was the The Littlest PetShop’s first DVD. To be honest, I wasn’t even aware there was a series for Littlest PetShop until I saw this. We really appreciate it when they put a popular new series on a DVD for those who don’t have cable or satellite television in their home.

Littlest PetShop DVD

My little ones enjoyed watching the series.  It is about a girl named Blythe who moves into the same building at the Littlest PetShop.  After she explores her building and discovers a secret entrance into the shop, she learns that she can communicate with the animals… yup, she can hear them and talk to them!  What kid doesn’t get a kick out of that or wish it were them?  I know my seven-year-old thought it was the coolest ability ever!

Throughout the series, Blythe will deal with several challenges: mean girls, fear of the PetShop closing, making new friends, and coping with her “trying too hard to be cool” dad.  Actually, her dad was rather hilarious.  He used phrases like “true dat” and other “too young for him” lingo.  I hope they aren’t picking fun of us parents…. I know I don’t use phrases like that – Word! (Ha!  I had to do it! Does anyone know what that was supposed to have meant?  Me neither.)

Littlest PetShop Coloring Pages

The DVD consists of previously aired episodes and printable coloring pages.  My girls loved the coloring pages, they are always a big hit at my house!  They printed them out repeatedly and colored them in several different ways.  The ones featured above were their favorites.

Jackie Says:

My daughter, Jackie, is seven and at the target age for this series/DVD.  She said:

“I envy Blythe because she gets to talk to the animals and work at the PetShop.  She is really cool because she designs clothes for herself and the pets. I like that she doesn’t fall for the mean girls’ tricks. Those girls are really mean. I can’t believe they would actually want the PetShop to close!”

“I also thought the hedgehog was a porcupine.”


Littlest Petshop DVDAll in all, I thought it was a cute DVD.  My girls have watched it several times… and so has Jagger.  If you have a little one who enjoys playing with the toys, they will enjoy this as well.  The colors are vibrant and the style of the cartoon is, as my daughter says “the coolest”.


Yay!  It’s a giveaway! One lucky reader will win a copy of the Littlest PetShop DVD for their little one!  Enter today using the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck to the entrants from all of us here at Parent Palace.

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